If you care about seeing my work for a change.........

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Martin Heffels, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. "Dammi Il La", an Italian short-movie I cut is doing the
    festival-rounds in the US and is going to be screened at
    some festivals which are currently on:

    Rhode Island International Film Festival (Aug 8-13)
    San Francisco International Festival of Short Films (Aug 9-12)
    HollyShorts (Aug 11-13).

    So if you're there, have a look at it :)

    Links to the websites of the festivals can be found at:
    (there's also a trailer on there)

    Martin Heffels, Aug 9, 2006
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  2. Cool Martin!

    William Davis, Aug 9, 2006
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  3. Thanks :)

    Martin Heffels, Aug 9, 2006
  4. Martin Heffels

    Ken Maltby Guest

    Quite impressive with such a small crew! Well done.

    Ken Maltby, Aug 9, 2006
  5. Thanks Ken!

    Yes, we tried to keep the crew as small as possible,
    in order to make it not look like a TVC-shoot ;-)
    Nah, just kidding. It was a low-budget shoot, and so
    we had to think about spending each Euro twice, so
    that led to a small, but very efficient working crew.
    And the lovely people of the Torino Film Commission
    helped us tremendously in getting good deals for
    gear, stock and lab & transfer.
    And the people at Lumiq Labs in Torino, were good
    enough to give us a 4:4:4 uncompressed transfer to SD
    of the 16mm-neg for the price of a mini-DV transfer
    (don't you just love it when it's the slow season? :) )
    This kept the image quality up high. Some people even
    thought we shot at 35mm.
    Edit was done on Avid Xpress Pro 5, with a proxy
    of the DPX-files, and then the EDL used to manually
    recreate the edit of the DPX-files, which were then
    graded in Combustion 4 and rendered to an uncompressed
    Quicktime. DigiBeta and BetaSP dupes were drawn from
    this QT-file and also the DVD was rendered from it
    with CCE SP. Soundmix was done on DigiTools.
    The webversion was rendered with Canopus Procoder 2.

    We are quite surprised by the succes we have in the US.
    Italy doesn't seem to like it, but I guess they are
    looking for a different style of story-telling now.
    It's the same one of my filmmaking buddies in Aus had,
    and then all of a sudden he was nominated for an Oscar
    with his short film. Ahhhhh, keep on dreaming :))


    Martin Heffels, Aug 9, 2006
  6. Martin Heffels

    Ken Maltby Guest

    Thanks, for that tool listing. That must have been a big QT
    File. While the Mini-DV die-hards might be disappointed, it
    certainly shows what a good professional digital transfer and
    some skill can accomplish using relatively common editing tools.
    My hats off to whoever worked out that process.

    Ken Maltby, Aug 10, 2006
  7. 33GB. The DPX-files of the edit were 45GB.
    That was me :) We tried to go for the best possible, because
    as I always say "garbage in is gabage out".

    Martin Heffels, Aug 10, 2006
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