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Discussion in 'Software, Image Editing and Retouching' started by Sayedul Mursalin, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Sayedul Mursalin

    Sayedul Mursalin

    Jun 28, 2018
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    Maybe someone faced with a similar problem.
    Worked with the file in Adobe Illustrator. In the process, wanted once again to save the file, put it on save, display a message about lack of memory, it was found that the working memory of 400 MB, although confident 20-15 GB is always there. Something went wrong. Closed a few programs opened and again put the file on save. actually tab of the file looked as if the file was successfully saved, closed it and Illustrator and set the computer to restart. After a reboot the file is not opened. Displayed a sign which read: "Cant open the illustration. Could not complete the requested operation" and when you click ok a blank space. Tell me , what do I do in this situation ?
    Sayedul Mursalin, Mar 9, 2019
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