"I'm At My Wits End!" -- Wits Now Restored, And Vegas Now Works! 8^)

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by David Ruether, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. I had a "Well, DUH!" moment this morning, and thought
    to try something new (I had tried the new Sony Vegas HDV
    ..dll with my old project, but I could not open the project no
    matter what I did - it would never quite finish "building peaks",
    even with the sound removed completely from the project).
    The best I could do with the old .dll is produce a video with
    many black frame "blinks". I tried opening an empty project
    with the new .dll installed, then imported the defective video
    file, and it worked! (Or, at least I think so...;-) I have not yet
    dared watch the three copies I made, but I saw nothing wrong
    on the camcorder viewing screen during copying. BTW, I
    brought in an earlier video with red/black frames (one black
    "permanent" one at output with the old .dll), and this one was
    not improved (but the single bad frame could be cut out
    without problems). Maybe happy editing is ahead with
    David Ruether, Jul 15, 2008
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  2. David Ruether

    Smarty Guest

    Extremely promising David, and glad to finally hear some favorable news.

    Smarty, Jul 16, 2008
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  3. An update. The three copies of the last were fine on tape, but
    for "fun", I ran my first three HDV videos through Mpeg2repair
    to check them. The first (that went through three editing
    programs to finish it, and which showed red frames on the
    Vegas timeline) had 0 errors(!). The second, which had red
    frames on the timeline and a black "blink" frame, had 2 bad
    frames and 1514 corrupt bytes, but Mpeg2repair brought
    the errors to 0 (but left that one black frame, which I could
    not successfully edit out). My last video, which showed no red
    frames until I tried to output it, went out to tape successfully,
    and had 0 errors in Mpeg2repair. So, two were fine as-is with
    the old Vegas .dll file (but it didn't look like they were at the
    time), and one was mostly correctable.

    On to my experience with the new Vegas Pro 8 .dll (thanks
    for pointing it out to me - and most of the below is now on
    the Sony Vegas forum in the .dll thread).

    I am now happy to finally have computer hardware and a
    new .dll that permit trouble-free editing with Vegas and
    HDV - except that I tried a capture using Vegas with scene
    splitting, and it failed in the same way it always has for me
    (there were three frames at the tail of the clip before, and
    two at the head of the clip ahead that needed to be
    removed for a clean picture cut - and there was usually no
    sound with the last five or six frames in a clip before the split).

    I ran some tests that may be of interest here. I ran a single
    clip split by Vegas (with the bad ending frames) through a
    program called Mpeg2repair, and it reported (not surprisingly,
    at least for the picture) 1 corrupted frame, 0 corrupted audio,
    69 corrupted video bytes, and 0 time stamp gaps. I also
    made a file of a few unmodified clips butted together (these
    showed bad frames at the ends, but I did not use clip ends
    at the loop ends when making the file), and when this file
    was scanned (surprisingly - but I guess making this file was
    essentially reconstructing the original unsplit video), it
    showed 0 errors. I then made a file of a few clips that I
    had modified by removing bad frames at the ends, and
    the scan (not surprisingly) showed 0 errors. It will take
    me a bit more time to prepare clips for editing (if I want
    to do this all at once), but I can skim quickly along the
    timeline and stop at the easily-spotted cuts and remove
    the three frames on the left and two frames on the right of
    each cut fairly easily and quickly. This is not perfect
    (especially with a cut that is tight), but this is workable for
    me and it is a minor problem compared with my earlier
    ones (and I can use HDVSplit for capturing with frame
    accurate scene-splitting if desired).

    I just made a five-minute test video from the 19 clips
    captured for the tests above (which were trimmed manually,
    using cuts instead of rolling back the ends, if that makes any
    difference), with added head and tail leaders, a title, some
    brightness-contrast keyframing, and transitions between most
    of the clips. The output file appears to have no flaws, and
    when scanned with Mpeg2repair, it showed no errors.

    YAY! 8^)

    Thanks, again!

    --David Ruether
    David Ruether, Jul 18, 2008
  4. David Ruether

    Smarty Guest

    Smarty, Jul 19, 2008
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