I'm getting a grid on my digital pix

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Joe, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Hello all,
    This is just an example but I have very many.


    I have no idea where it comes from or why. As a matter of fact I've seen
    this on pix taken from two different cameras. This one was taken with a
    Vivitar older camera. I don't remember which model. But now I'm
    begining to see the same type grid on pix taken with a Nikon 3200. I
    know these are low end cameras, but I just don't understand. I'm not
    sure I could force the grid to come about. Sometimes it still works with
    no grid, albeit when there is a much more complex subject.

    This one was taken more recently and , as you can see, it has no grid.


    Thanks for any help offered
    Joe, Aug 13, 2005
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  2. Joe

    Colin D Guest

    You sure you posted the right image for the first shot? Damned if I can
    see any semblance of a grid in that shot. What does it look like?

    Colin D.
    Colin D, Aug 14, 2005
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  3. Joe

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Actually, I can't see a "grid" on the picture you posted. However,
    going by your description, your last sentence makes it sound like jpeg
    artifacting. More complex subjects suffer from this less, because
    there are fewer solid or graduated color fields to effect. If this is
    indeed the problem, the solution is simply to decrease the amount of
    jpeg compression the camera performs.
    Mike Kohary, Aug 14, 2005
  4. Joe

    Joe Guest


    now this is completely dumb.
    when i clik that link to see what you were looking at, i see the picture
    i intended to post, but without the grid lines. weird. the grid i see
    is as if the picture was taken thru a screen door. o well
    i still see it on the local copy on my hdd, but not on the posted copy of
    the same pic. maybe i outta upload then download my whole freakkin
    archive!! :)

    i know no one can comment on what they don't see so i think i might be
    screwed. o well. i never liked that picture anyway. lol

    thanks again
    Joe, Aug 14, 2005
  5. Joe

    JME Guest

    Do you only see it in one specific program??
    Maybe you have turned on the grid function in your editing program???
    JME, Aug 14, 2005
  6. Joe

    Joe Guest

    thank you

    i'm probably going to chech the settings on the camera...
    then go buy a new one. :) wifey's been wanting one anyway. she can have
    this one and i told her it needs to go into the shop for cleaning anyway.
    all i ever wanted it for is posting blog type pix on the web. a 2megapixel
    camera is fine to suit my needs. i drive a truck for a living and i'd
    really be afraid to carry around a camera worth more than $100-$200. the
    vivitar was really a nice cheap camera, til i chucked it down the stairs in
    my laundry bag. oops. she bougt me that one for $150 and that included
    the 128meg cf card. we bought this nikon coolpix 2100 for $150 on close

    i suppose i really outta spend some time here are learn more.

    thanks again
    Joe, Aug 15, 2005
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