Image Rescue and Conon RAW files

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Jim Gizzi, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Jim Gizzi

    Jim Gizzi Guest

    Had a card, (or camera, haven't figured out which) burp this weekend and
    "lost" some images on the CF card. Shooting a D60 with a Lexar Pro 1 Gb
    card, made about 30 images and noticed that the viewfinder said I only had 7
    images left on the card. Figured I forgot to empty the cards beforehand so
    went to review and camera reported that there were no images on the card!
    Just to check if things were actually working I made another image and
    things worked fine. I replaced the card and with another and then moved on.

    Back in the office I used ImageRescue on the card and it "found" files with
    thumbnails that match the lost images but the only files recovered have jpg
    extensions and there is only one per image (normal RAW leaves .CRW and .THM
    files for each image). I tried changing the extension to CRW and using C1
    to process the images and no luck. It won't even display the thumbnails for
    the relabeled files. the file sizes are roughly correct for the .CRW files
    but I sure can't figure out how to get them back.

    Any ideas? I also tried a different file recovery utility but it only found
    ..TIFs and .jpg files, none of which were recoverable nor made sense from a
    file size standpoint.

    Has anyone used IMage Rescue to recover Canon RAW files, and if so, how?


    Jim Gizzi, Oct 8, 2003
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  2. I had an almost identical problem when trying to recover 10D RAW's a couple
    of weeks back. I emailed them and within an hour I'd recieved a zipped file
    that fixed the problem - got all but 2 of the RAW's back (was about 50) plus
    a whole load of old captures too! I was quite the happy customer. Just email
    their support explaining your problem

    Simon Stanmore, Oct 8, 2003
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