Image-Size batch saves always the same picture

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Bernd Meier, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Bernd Meier

    Bernd Meier Guest

    [Adobe Photoshop Version: 12.1]

    I want to get all pictures in a folder to 1024x768 resolution.

    I opened Window->Actions to create a scaling down batch processing.

    I created and recorded the batch with three steps:
    Open, Image Size, Save as.

    And for my separated picture it worked,
    it was scaled to 1024x768 and saved.

    If I now choose Import->Automate->Batch->Scale_to_1024x768
    I get a window where I can choose folders
    for the batch do apply. These are my settings:

    Set: Scale
    Action: Scale_to_1024x768

    Source: Folder
    Choose... C:\Original
    (no sign in the following four check boxes)

    Destination: Folder
    Choose... C:\Original
    Sign at: "Override Action "Save As" Commands"

    File Naming

    document name+2 Digit Serial Number+extension
    Starting serial#:0

    Now all pictures in the folder C:\Original are getting
    opened automatically.

    But only the first opened picture is saved under differnt serial numbers
    instead of scaling and saving each picture in the folder.

    What can be wrong?
    Bernd Meier, Sep 2, 2011
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