ImageReady CS & FrontPage 2002 Help!

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Donna, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Donna

    Donna Guest

    These two programs are not playing nice together.

    I created a gif with 4 image maps and 4 rollover effects applied to the maps
    in Image Ready from Photoshop. Everything works fine, as it was designed to,
    previewing in IE from Image Ready.

    I try and import the html file and the gifs created by ImageReady. The html
    file imports fine, but none of the image map/rollover effect gifs will
    import to FP2002 images file. FP just basically hangs up then. (I know FP is
    working because I can immediately import any other image just fine.)

    Therefore, I assume it is something in the code that ImageReady writes for
    these gifs that FP doesn't like. I saved the code that IR created for these
    and have posted it on my website at

    Could someone that knows code & FP see what is going on here. For a visual
    explanation as to what I am trying to accomplish, I offer the following. If
    you will look at the homepage now of my site (
    what you see there is one gif with one slice (default slice by IR). In the
    files that won't load, I have put an image map, rectangular, around each of
    the four words beginning with Graphic Design etc. The hyperlink to the page
    is attached to the respective map and additionally, there is a rollover
    effect to change the text color on each of the four, on mouseover. That is
    what all of this code is saying.

    As a side note. In FP2002, what you see now on the homepage, I used FP to
    attach image maps to the four text boxes. The links work fine, but I tried
    to add a rollover effect to the image map and nothing happens as you can
    see. Yes, I clicked enable rollover effects on the page properties, but I
    guess since this is all in one gif, for some reason FP won't let me do it.

    I included the type in the gif in the first place because I didn't want the
    type to change with different browsers and all of the type as been outlined.
    I suppose that I could bring the gif in with no type on the boxes, type it
    in FP with some generic typeface and then add hyperlink and rollovers in FP.
    Assume that this would work ok, but haven't tried it yet. Been banging my
    head against the wall trying to make this work, so that I can use this
    particular typeface. At any rate, I use Photoshop and Image Ready all of the
    time and need to understand why FP won't read ImageReady code.

    Thanks and I hope that all of this is clear. If not, ask away! Thanks for
    any help in understanding all of this.
    Donna, Jul 24, 2004
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  2. Donna

    Donna Guest

    After an hour and a half of a paid support call to Microsoft (the guy knew
    his stuff, thank god), the final result was that it was neither the html
    code nor Front Page, but something as simple as my D-Link wireless router.
    We finally hardwired my computer for the internet connection and those files
    just flew into my site. So again, yet another problem with DLink wireless
    I took down the HTML code off my website, so you won't be able to see it.
    Just thought I would report back in case this helps someone in the future.
    Donna, Jul 25, 2004
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  3. Donna

    Hecate Guest

    And a word of advice - when you can get a proper design program for
    the web i.e. Dreamweaver, and drop the dog known as Image Ready and
    get something that works like Fireworks. ;-)
    Hecate, Jul 25, 2004
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