In need of a photographer (for fashion shoot) Australia, QLD region

Discussion in 'Photography Chat' started by greatkid1985, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Nov 28, 2006
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    I am looking for a professional photographer who is looking to build up their portfolio to do a shoot for a new high-end mens clothing line.

    I will list the details here in bullet points as it is easier to read.

    * The photoshoot will consist of 2 male models from Germany. I will refer to them as Model (A) & (B)

    * The entire shoot will consist of approx 20-25 photos and shouldn’t take more than a day

    * 1-2 photos will be taken on a building rooftop and all the remaining photos will need to be taken in a studio (as I need a pure white background in the photos). I might be able to arrange the studio with my university, as I am pretty sure that they have a white, green, and black background studio. But if you have access to a studio even better.

    * Model (A) - will be photographed on the building rooftop
    * Model (B) - will be photographed (in the white background)

    * The photoshoot will need to be taken in the QLD region, preferably on the Gold Coast, and it will need to be held anywhere between the 4th - 15th december, as one of the German models, (Model (A) is leaving Australia on the 16th december). The only other option we have to have the shoot at a later date, is if we take the rooftop shoot which will only consist of 1-2 photos before the 16th, and have the white background shoot at a later date (as Model (B) is not leaving australia until mid-january).
    Otherwise we can just do the entire thing in the one day, if it is convenient for you.

    Okay to give you a basic rundown;
    * The clothing we are selling is more prestigous then your basic $20 t-shirt, and the prices for a piece in our line are going to range between $110-$160 each. So it would be great to include in your portfolio as opposed to doing a photoshoot for target.

    * The photographers name will be included at the bottom of all advertising campaigns including the website, posters, magazines, brochures etc (at their own choice ofcourse). In addition to this, we are collaborating with a plastic company to design major billboards & signs which will be positioned in certain locations around the Gold Coast, and we are also going to produce an enourmous flag with an image from the photoshoot which will be placed outside the Chevron Renaissence building on the Gold Coast highway, which currently receives thousands of bypassing traffic. Can you imagine what this type of exposure could to your name (as the photographers name will be at the bottom of the flag).

    * The last thing I need to mention, is that I am in the start-up phase with tons of other expenses and I don’t have a huge budget. So we are looking for someone who is seeking to build up their portfolio, wants to build a relationship with us, and get their name out there. Ofcourse we are willing to pay you, but keep in mind that it would only be a small amount.

    If you think you are interested and are passionate about becoming a well-known photographer, please PM me or reply to this thread, so that I can arrange to talk with you.

    greatkid1985, Nov 28, 2006
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