in S.E. Asia : Canon EOS 300d with 100 macro ED vs. Nikon D70 with Nikon 105 macro ?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by J. Cod, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. J. Cod

    J. Cod Guest

    After a lot of research I have come up with two final candidates for my next
    digital camera equipment.

    My most important criterion is to be able to do very high-quality close up
    photographs of small art objects with very complex patinas (materials including
    ivory, bronze, silver, gold-plated silver, gold, etc.). My goal is to be able to
    photographs that compare favorably to the stunning images seen in Sotheby's
    catalogs of Mughal jewlery, etc.

    Secondary criteria are the usual : 1. which is the better all-round camera; 2.
    which might be more rugged if taken travelling in hot, humid remote tropical
    areas; 3. which is more durable and easier to repair if a problem occurs.

    I realise lighting will be crucial for effective close-up work, and I cannot,
    initially, afford the very expensive ring-lights available for these lenses. At
    first I'll probably make do with home-made equipment which I am already using

    I live in S.E. Asia, and I know the D-70 is made in Thailand : I don't know,
    however, if a/the major repair center is located in Thailand.

    Appreciate any comments !

    regards, J. Cod
    J. Cod, Sep 29, 2004
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