in the search of a perfect paddling camera - a survey fo 10 compactcameras

Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by Marek \Wayfarer\, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. My kayak and canoe paddling involves some racing and a lot of training
    and workouts and this is reflected in my requirements for a perfect
    "paddling" camera:

    * waterproof, it doesn't need to be suitable for diving though
    * small size, so it can be carried for training and racing
    * good image and video quality
    * simple operations, so it is possible to shoot from a tippy kayak
    and/or when paddler is tired
    * some manual control, a customized setup
    * a tripod mount, so it is possible to mount it on a bow or stern (a
    flexible waterproof housing will usually cover a tripod mount)

    The new breed of waterproof digital cameras including Pentax Optio
    WP/WPi/W10 and Olympus Stylus SW 720 comes close to these requirements.
    In fact, I bought the original Optio WP specially to take for Texas
    Water Safari 2005. My requirements for video and mounting capability is
    needed not only to shoot some paddling movies for fun, but also to
    analyze my paddling technique. I am ready to accept some compromises in
    these cameras like a poorer image quality than in top level cameras or a
    lack of viewfinder.

    If you enjoy a more relaxed style of paddling and can resist that
    temptation to submerge your camera you may be happy with a
    non-waterproof one. You can get better features for a similar price as
    Pentax Optio. I would recommend a recent survey of 10 new compact
    cameras from BeHardware as really helpful.

    Marek \Wayfarer\, Jun 2, 2006
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