Discussion in 'Canon' started by Michael, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Michael

    Ubiquitous Guest

    At the time that Warren and I bought the 10D, Teds would not come anywhere
    near $3500. I was quoted $4000 or so, basically no less than retail. And
    they didn't have any and didn't know when they would get it, nor would they
    comment on whether they could guarantee giving me one from their first
    shipment because they didn't know how big the shipment would be. They were
    floundering, they had no idea about the 10D. Admittedly this was in the
    immediate rush during the first delivery of Australian 10D's and prices have
    since settled, but I had no problem at all with DCC's service.

    Just because you got a good deal from Ted's, doesn't mean the rest of us
    Ubiquitous, Jul 14, 2003
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  2. thanks, that's exactly right. as I said in my post, that was *my experience*
    with DCC versus rainers, teds, etc... if they are now more competitive,
    that's really fantastic, but in the past, for me and for many others i have
    spoken to, they were very inflexible and downright expensive.

    plus i said at the end of my post "YMMV"- your mileage may vary, ie it could
    be different now, or for you.
    Warren Prasek, Jul 14, 2003
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  3. Michael

    Danny Smith Guest

    Same here, exactly - and I dealt with Teds and Rainers etc. a fair bit
    after Warren... Both times I've tried to buy things from Teds in
    particular, I've been put off by their 'quote RRP and suggest they
    might do better if I put in an order' tactics. Forget that.

    I'm becoming a fan of Photo Continental, even if I'm inclined to think
    they should give me a bit of a loyal customer discount! They let me
    play with stuff before buying, have reasonable pricing, and do a quite
    respectable job of customer service.


    Danny Smith, Jul 15, 2003
  4. Michael

    auspics Guest

    Just ask them (PC) for a D1 body on 7 day Approval, Danny...
    You're a loyal customer aren't you?
    They wouldn't even let me hold one, for Christ Sake. Teds are the way to go
    but like I said in my first response... Don't jerk 'em around with "I'm only
    looking" stuff or you'll never discover what it's like to have a warm and
    fuzzy relationship with your supplier!! Perhaps if PC could provide "new" in
    their more exotic range I might think differently of them. They DO give SOME
    customers goods on approval...

    Perhaps it might be timely to point out that no retailer can exist on a
    straight 10% profit margin. Loss leader's like $2700 10Ds need to be
    fortified with 30 and even 50% profit margins on other goods so the bottom
    line looks like 18.6%. Which co-incidently is the sustainable profit margin
    a retailer needs to provide cuntomers with what they expect. DCC only exists
    because they make considerably more profit on EVERYTHING they can get away
    with. You don't seriously believe everything DCC advertise on the 'net is on
    their shelf, do you?

    auspics, Jul 15, 2003
  5. Michael

    Danny Smith Guest

    Probably true enough - I've only dealt with them from an amateur point
    of view, and have never really been chasing anything exotic!

    To their credit they've let me play with a D60, D100, SD9, and 10D and
    a variety of lenses - slightly different to a pro body and the more
    exy pro lenses, admittedly :).

    I can only speak from my experiences, and from those, Ted's are a
    right pain to deal with and overprice almost everything - PC, while
    the knowledge level of *some* of their staff is, ahem, regrettable,
    are usually OK to deal with, and price fairly well.

    Maybe I've just spoken to the wrong people at Ted's, or maybe their
    pro folks are much better than their average retail staff!


    Danny Smith, Jul 15, 2003
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