InfraRed converted D100: Expression of Interest

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Guy, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Guy

    Guy Guest

    I am in the process of upgrading my Nikon D100 InfraRed camera to a newly
    converted D90. My D90 won't be ready for a few weeks (about to send it off
    for conversion) however I am seeking expressions of interested from anyone
    who would like to purchase my converted D100. It has undergone a full time
    IR conversion with relacement filter from LifePixel.

    There is nothing wrong with the D100, it shoots as it should and it will
    come with 3 batteries, CF card charger and the origonal hot filter that was
    removed. You only need your own lens to start shooting IR.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at glasseye at
    glasseye dot. com .dot. au.

    The camera is in Melbourne and I welcome pickups. If it doesn't go before
    the D90 is converted, it will end up on eBay etc

    I realise the D100 itself isn't exactly a latest breed DSLR, however it
    still takes fantastic 6MP images (I've blown up to 20x30 without visible
    pixels) and works really well as a IR camera. The conversion itself is
    quite expensive so I am expecting at least $800+

    I probably won't monitor this tread, sorry.


    Guy, Oct 20, 2008
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