Input needed on Canon New F-1 pricing

Discussion in 'Canon' started by edanajo, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. edanajo

    edanajo Guest

    I am not an avid photographer however I recently inherited a very nice
    Canon New F-1 along with a number of corresponding lenses and other
    related accessories. I have not yet made the decision to sell these
    things, so please hold back on making any offers. I simply want to get
    an idea as to what the value is knowing that there are a few things
    that might be worth holding onto. Thanks very much for your thoughts
    and input.

    The lenses include the following:

    Canon 50mm FD 1:1.2 L
    Canon AE Power Winder FN (in original box)
    Canon 135 mm FD 1:3.5 S.C. (with green lettering)
    Canon 85 mm FD 1:1.2 L (red line around lens)
    Canon 200 mm FD 1:2.8
    Canon Extender FD
    Canon 100mm Macro FD 1:4 with manual
    Vivitar 55 mm macro 1:2.8
    Canon 50 mm FD 1:1.4
    Canon 35 mm TS 1:2.8 (red S.S.C. lettering)
    Canon 35 mm FS 1:2
    Canon 28 mm FD 1:2.8 S.C
    Canon Extension Tube FD 50
    Canon BT-55 Hood/Lens Shade

    I also have numerous filters such as the Kenko skylight 1B 55mm; Nikon
    72 mm L37c; Vivitar VMC skylight 1A 52mm; Vivitar VMC skylight 1A
    62mm; Canon 58 mm Haze-1 filter; Kalimar 52 mm UV Haze, among many
    edanajo, Jul 5, 2007
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  2. This is a lens I've dreamed about, don't sell unless you get good
    money from it; otherwise, keep it just in spite :)

    (I'll do nicely with my 55/1.2 S.S.C. however..)
    Toni Nikkanen, Jul 5, 2007
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  3. edanajo

    That_Rich Guest

    Nice kit.

    Try this....

    That_Rich, Jul 5, 2007
  4. edanajo

    Ray Paseur Guest

    You have some very good fast glass there, and although it is not new, it
    has some value. Filters, other than the ones you have, have almost no
    financial value since all their functions can be done with more precision
    in Photoshop. Your filters have value because they can protect those

    You might want to troll eBay for a while. I've found the "watch this
    item" can give a pretty good indication of market value.

    Ray Paseur, Jul 5, 2007
  5. edanajo

    Frank ess Guest

    What are B&H Photo Video asking for them? Adorama? K& Something? Seems
    to me those deal in used on their Web pages.

    A few years back I packed all my F1N and A1 stuff in its original
    boxes and trucked them down to a local store of good repute. They were
    willing to buy them for not enough, or sell them on consignment for
    whatever they could get. Both amounted to insult, my view. So I still
    have it all. The amounts I've seen on the Web sites are a third or so
    of what I turned down /before/ the advent of rampant digital.

    I feel eccentric.
    Frank ess, Jul 6, 2007
  6. My local camera shop no longer even bothers with used inventory, they
    just put stuff right on eBay. Camera shows seem to get their values
    there, too.

    Your best bet would be checking what similar items have CLOSED for on
    eBay. Be prepared for disappointment; if you have ANY interest at all
    in using this gear, hold onto it.

    If not, and if you're not familiar with eBay, may I suggest KEH
    ( Last time I had a large outfit to sell, (MF
    Rollei stuff) I sent it off to them and received a fair price.
    Scott Schuckert, Jul 6, 2007
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