Inserting other Angles into Main VIdeo Clip

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Mike, May 7, 2004.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I have access to Pinnacle Studio 8 and Arcsoft Showbiz.

    I shot a video of a ceremony with 3 cameras. One of the cameras will
    be used as the "Main" video (And only Audio Track). I want to "drop
    in" other clips with different angles for a few seconds at a time.

    I would prefer not to have to Clip together bits of the main track.
    Is there a way (or another piece of software to aquire) that allows me
    to use a main video track and Jump to another for smaller clips?

    Any Suggestions?
    Mike, May 7, 2004
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  2. Mike

    Cory Guest

    Having started where you are just a couple of years ago, I'll tell you what
    I did.
    After using Pinnacle Studio for a while, I upgraded to Ulead MediaStudio Pro
    which allows you to have extra video tracks (Studio only allows 1 and you
    need 3). That way, you can synch up the cameras, pick the footage you want,
    and add in the transitions right there.
    Well I did that for a while, and then I moved up to Adobe Premiere with the
    DVStorm2 card and United Media Inc's Multicam software, specifically made
    for what you're trying to do. It works just like a live switcher and I use
    it all the time. So if you're willing to pay about $1500 for that setup,
    it's well worth it. If not, go with Premiere (the reason I'd go with
    Premiere over Vegas Video is because of the choice of plug-ins you can buy),
    or for a lower-end editor, go with MediaStudio Pro. Pinnacle won't do it
    and neither will Showbiz.
    Does this help?
    Cory, May 7, 2004
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  3. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Absolutely. Thanks. This was the answer I was anticipating. I am
    evaluating Sony Screen blast now, but will check out premier.

    Your right, what I really need is the Multicam, but won't spend that
    much right now.

    Thanks again
    Mike, May 8, 2004
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