Installing Sony's MSAC-US70 Memory Stick USB Reader/Writer Mouse

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Anonymous, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I just got a Sony Cybershot digital camera and also bought Sony's
    MSAC-US70 Memory Stick USB Reader/Writer Mouse as an accessory. When
    I tried to install the Reader/Writer on my Dell Laptop running WinXP
    Pro, I got a message saying ...

    "This software has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify it's
    compatibility with Windows XP. Continuing with installation may
    impair current or future operation of your PC. Contact the software
    vendor for software that has passed Windows Logo testing".

    Does anyone know why I would get this message and what to do about it?
    The manual for the Sony Memory Stick USB Reader/Writer Mouse says it
    is compatible with WinXP so I can't understand why I would get that
    message or what would happen if I ignored it and continued with

    It's impossible to get anyone live to talk to at Sony. Anybody have a

    Anonymous, Aug 7, 2003
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  2. Anonymous

    Paul B Guest

    Just continue with the installation (although it is a good idea to check
    Sonys web site for any later versions of the drivers).
    Ive installed lots of programs that have that message without problems.
    Paul B, Aug 7, 2003
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