intelligent self-timer and continuous mode?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Greg N., Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Greg N.

    Greg N. Guest

    I'm Looking for a camera with an intelligent self-timer combined with
    continuous mode.

    Ok, let me explain: I'm travelling alone on my motor bike. I want to
    take pictures of myself in motion.

    What I envision is this: Mount the camera on a tripod, and manually (!)
    focus it on a certain distance. Set the camera to continuous mode. Set
    the self-timer to, say, 90 seconds.

    Start the self-timer. Jump on the bike, go around the next curb, u-turn
    back, stop before I get into the camera's view, wait (using my stop
    watch) until the 90 seconds have almost expired, then ride into the
    camera's view.

    When the camera goes off, it should shoot, say, 10 pictures within 20
    seconds. Well, 20 pix within 10 seconds would be more to my taste but
    that's asking a bit much, no?

    I'd like to spend no more than, say 300$.

    Which camera can do this?
    Greg N., Aug 27, 2005
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  2. Greg N.

    Greg N. Guest

    I just found out that the Canon PowerShot S2 IS has a custom timer of
    up to 30 seconds. It can trigger continuous mode through the custom
    timer. It can do up to 2.4 fps in continuous mode. It has manual focus.
    It costs about $500.

    I guess I'll have to raise my price limit a bit. Apart from that, it's
    close to what I want, no?

    Anything else you know of? I'd really need a bit more than the 30
    seconds timer.

    "super-sharp, 2.1-megapixel... simple toggle-switch interface...
    Includes padlock, cable and a tree bracket for screw attachment."

    No zoom, no controls, no nothing. No, it's not close.
    Greg N., Aug 27, 2005
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