Interesting new "Standard Mode": 5D

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Mark², Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    According to Canon, there will be many preset "modes", including the
    "Standard" mode, which
    according to Canon, is a mode for "vivid, crisp images, NOT requiring

    It would seem that they are giving users the option to take snap-shots that
    will produce images that are just as "pre-processed" as might be found in
    their point-and-shoot cameras.

    While this might seem strange to other who, like me, want full processing
    control most of the time, I have to say this is a welcome *option.* There
    are times where I am taking inconsequential photos in high numbers, and it
    would be great if I didn't have to fiddle just to get that easy, standard

    What do others think?

    Oh...and don't worry...among the numerous other "modes" is the "Neutral"
    mode, which sounds like the standard we are used to in Canon DSLRs (where
    post-processing is expected).

    Mark², Aug 22, 2005
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  2. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    And...No more ridiculous "creative modes" uselessly filling up the dial. :)
    I've never EVER used one, and am happy to see them go to the klink file.

    So... No built-in flash, and no pesky "creative zones..."
    Clearly this camera is not aimed at the masses.
    Mark², Aug 22, 2005
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  3. Mark²

    Pete Fenelon Guest

    At that price, obviously not! ;)

    And to quote
    So that's pretty clear - a camera aimed squarely at pros (or very, very,
    very serious amateurs!) that's smaller and lighter than a 1D.

    Pete Fenelon, Aug 22, 2005
  4. Mark²

    Matt Ion Guest

    I always found them useful on my 35mm RebelG, particularly the Sport
    (high shutter speed) and Landscape (high-DOF) modes, but on the Digital
    Rebel they also do weird crap, like Sport mode setting the image size to
    Small... so I don't use them with the DRebel.

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    Matt Ion, Aug 22, 2005
  5. Mark²

    SimonLW Guest

    I thought they called the creative modes P,Av,Tv,M?
    The pic mode are the ones that are gone - I hope!
    SimonLW, Aug 22, 2005
  6. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    Oops. Since I never use them, I got the names mixed up.
    Yes...the "pic modes" are gone.
    Mark², Aug 22, 2005
  7. I don't believe it is different. But for those who might want to use
    that feature, it's a lot easier than creating a parameter set; for one
    it's well "labelled".
    John McWilliams, Aug 22, 2005
  8. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    Actually, it is different.
    In fact, within each of those additional new "modes", you can further tweak
    them just like you can with "parameter sets." This means there are far more
    sets at your disposal.

    Even when you bump up perameters, it still was/is assumed that
    post-processing would follow.
    In this case, the assumption is the opposite.
    I shoot RAW only for critical stuff, but I think it would be nice to have
    NON-critical shooting times times where I can easily dump snapshots onto a
    computer needing post-processing.

    These are for non-professional venues, where the ultimate in perfection
    takes a back seat to convenience and immediacy. As was's just
    there for those times when that is helpful. For the rest of the time, we
    are free to post-process to our perfectionist heart's content!

    The other related feature I like is the ability to switch between two
    entirely different camera set-ups with one button push. This means that if
    you have to, for example, alternate quickly between two very different
    lighting situations, you can change back and forth between two full camera
    setups, without having to go through and make indiviual changes. This could
    apply in many weddings (where people are moving in adn out fo
    sun), or sports, where you need to capture both on-field, and off-field
    stuff...or where there are multiple lighting situations requiring different
    white balance AND ISO settings, etc. etc.
    Mark², Aug 22, 2005
  9. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    I'm reporting what they've **already done.**
    -Not what I wish they would do...
    According to their 5D release, they have included just such a feature.

    Here's the text:
    " In a handy new feature, current camera settings can be stored and assigned
    to the C (camera settings) position on the Mode Dial. This allows
    photographers to switch quickly between two completely different camera
    set-ups without having to switch bodies - ideal for photographers who need
    to rapidly switch their cameras from an indoor to outdoor shooting
    condition, for example. Exposure mode, ISO speed, AF mode, drive mode,
    Picture Style, white balance and custom functions are all stored in the
    custom setting. There are 21 custom functions with 57 user-definable
    settings to enable photographers to configure the camera for their preferred
    way of working. "
    Just do that on your external flash (you know the 5D has no pop-up flash,
    I'll likely do that with this camera, but since my 10D doesn't offer
    this...I don't. :)
    Mark², Aug 22, 2005
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