introducing the correct dot screen newspaper

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Steve, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Steve

    Steve Guest

    hi again all

    could someone pls let me know how to create varying dot screens as I wish to
    do two things:

    1. create an image suitable for a newspaper

    2. create an images suitable for photocopying, without clicking the "photo"
    setting on the machine, which makes the text look washed out.


    Steve, Nov 7, 2003
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  2. Steve

    Whokid Guest

    What do you mean, exactly? Is the image going to be IN a newspaper?
    Er... could you explain a bit more please? :eek:)

    You don't create any screens in Photoshop unless you actually want it as
    a visual "effect". The actual screen setting is left to the image-setter.

    Whokid, Nov 8, 2003
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  3. Steve

    Steve Guest

    What I mean is: I designed a quick flyer for my local radio station, that
    they intend to photocopy and as we all know, images look crap due to the
    machines inability to do decent shading - so what I did was introduce a dot
    screen in Photoshop...... this caused me to wonder if I could create
    different screens for different applications such as newspapers and

    As luck would have it, they decided to do the copying using that
    "photograph" setting - this was acceptable to them but not me..... (these
    were handed out this morning) the text looked 'soft' due to what the copiers
    do to everything on the photo setting.

    Was just hoping to get some idea how to make it better for them, me and
    anyone else who reads the thread


    Steve, Nov 8, 2003
  4. Steve

    Mr3 Guest

    Maybe you can cheat it.

    Try Filter/Artistic/Film Grain

    either singly or with


    and maybe throw in an Filter/Sharpen/Unsharp Mask.

    Looks appropriate on the screen, just don't know how it will look copied.



    Mr3, Nov 8, 2003
  5. Steve

    J C Guest

    Well, then if they are going to photocopy it from an original laser
    printout, then you should look into how to set the screen value
    through your printer driver so that you get a decent laser print to
    slap down on the photocopy machine. Hint: for a photocopy machine a 65
    or 85 line screen is what you're after.

    But then above process assumes that you did not design the entire
    flyer in PS and instead used a layout app that you then placed the
    photos into. And further that you have a decent *laser* printer and
    are using the correct driver and PPD for your page layout application.

    If the above is true, then another hint is that you should use decent
    paper in your laser printer. Take a look at the Hammermill paper. It
    costs about twice as much per ream, but it gets you a better print.

    -- JC
    J C, Nov 8, 2003
  6. Steve

    Whokid Guest


    Gotcha. Unfortunately this is more of a photocopier problem than
    anything else, and to the best of my knowledge there's not much you can
    do to an image in PS that will improve it's copying quality.

    If you provide them with the best original you can manage, that's all
    you can do. It's up to them if they copy it well or badly I'm afraid.

    However, I will say this much; there are plenty of quality photocopiers
    around which are pretty good at doing mixed (text & picture) originals.
    Whether there are any copy-shops nearby with them is another matter...

    HTH :eek:)

    Whokid, Nov 9, 2003
  7. Steve

    Steve Guest

    hi and thanks

    I went to the school and took oh gee...let's see...... hmmm .... shorter
    than it took to say that, to use and show them the COMBINED text and
    graphics button





    Steve, Nov 10, 2003
  8. Steve

    J C Guest

    That just seems wrong.

    If you make the photo into a halftone the copy machine will have an
    easier time reproducing it.

    The only issues are: What screen value, and how do you apply the
    halftone screen (in PS or in a layout app).

    -- JC
    J C, Nov 10, 2003
  9. Steve

    WharfRat Guest

    80 line should be good
    You can apply the screen in the print dialog box
    save as .eps

    WharfRat, Nov 10, 2003
  10. Steve

    WharfRat Guest

    80 line should be good
    You can apply the screen in the print dialog box
    save as .eps

    WharfRat, Nov 10, 2003
  11. Steve

    Whokid Guest

    Ha ha! No problem.

    Clients, eh? :eek:)

    Whokid, Nov 11, 2003
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