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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Brian, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    I thought this would be better under a more suitable title.
    So far Gary and David have introduced themselves which I copied from
    another post.

    I hope to introduce myself later in the day.

    Gary Eickmeier wrote

    David Ruether wrote

    Well, OK, since you started this, uh, here goes........! 8^)!
    I've been a photographer since the early '60s, with some early
    successes in getting many museum shows (and also in getting
    my work into some notable museum collections), having magazine
    articles written about my work, and with teaching at the
    college level for several years (without a degree...;-). I
    also supported myself (at a modest level...;-) with location
    photography. Early-on, I dabbled in 16mm film, electronic music
    in the Moog factory studio, and eventually with video (Hi-8,
    then Mini-DV when it appeared, and now HD), and I soon added
    video as part of my free-lance business. Through it all, I
    considered myself primarily a "gear-head" (well, heck, honesty
    is one of those odd Asperger aspects...;-), and assembling the
    best gear I could afford on my modest income was a bit of an
    obsession (witness this article on my rather bloated website: 8^). So, I freely
    admit that new (and GOOD!) gear is often my inspiration for
    producing my own work (this late winter until now I've taken
    thousands of photos with the new gear I've been assembling for
    video work - and I've had so much fun doing it that so far I've
    so far skipped the video part). I've had MUCH FUN rediscovering
    my past interest in photography! I've also done audio recording,
    audio gear designing and manufacturing, politics, and probably
    other things I've forgotten about... (oh, I started out in, uh,
    architecture..., and at 71, I still don't know what I will be
    when I grow up - but I've had fun on the way to finding out! 8^)
    Brian, Jun 2, 2013
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  2. Brian

    Brian Guest

    I'm a 60 years old so I remember what it was like in owning a standard 8mm
    camera with no sound. I had a camera that allowed winding back the film so
    I experimented with superimposing images. It would also take single frame
    shooting so I did some simple animation.

    My first video camera took C tape cassettes and was heavy but unlike
    earlier models the battery was attached to the camera. I then moved on to a
    8mm tape camera which lasted longer before I had to change the tape. Later
    I brought a DV tape camera which managed to record better quality video.
    The last camera I brought recorded in full HD on the cameras built in

    Before computers were used for editing video I was using two high quality
    Panasonic VHS recorders HS 1000 and HS 800 they were made to connect
    together and one of them had on board controls suitable for VHS tape
    editing that controlled the other recorder. I use to create video scrap
    books on VHS of news items or anything on interest on TV that I had

    After slicing together 8mm films it was a pleasure to edit a movie on the
    My editing and photography has improved over the years. A few years ago I
    joined a photography club and won some cups for my entries in competitions.
    I'm a keen learner and are often reading library books on technical
    subjects or doing research on the internet.

    I was working as a technician for a telecommunications company called
    Telecom for long time before becoming redundant due to a reduction in staff

    My other interests are acting. i've been an actor in 14 movies over the
    last 8 years. There are always a group of people wanting to make a short
    movie. I do some computer programing in Visual Basic net. I use to belong
    to a video club for over 10 years. I play piano and guitar. Apart from
    recording video I like to try other things such as directing and script
    writing. I use to belong to a drama group back in the 1970's and did some
    stage performances.

    i live in New Zealand which became popular after people watched Lord of the
    Rings as the movie was made in New Zealand. I was caught in the major
    earthquake that strike in 2011 in Christchurch. Some house damage but can
    still live in the house.

    I enjoy doing new things and trying new ideas. I keep a voice recorder
    handy so when I think of an idea I can record it in my voice recorder.
    Brian, Jun 2, 2013
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  3. Brian

    j Guest

    I'm about the same age. I come from a family of early adopters.

    My dad had the passion for photography. He shot a variety of formats and
    shot and developed 8mm sometime after it first became available. Later
    he shot VHS when you had to drag the recorder behind the camera.

    The first video I shot was a full size VHS camcorder. Later, Hi 8.

    Around '96 I was doing nonlinear video editing. I can not begin to
    describe how slow and irritating that was on the hardware of the time.
    640x480 was hopeless. 320 x 240 is what we captured and rendered at.
    Motion jpeg was the best compression available and it didn't take long
    to fill up a 540 MB HD.

    So, I dropped out of videoing for a long time. And look at the changes
    that have transpired since. Superb quality. Rendering times that are
    just longer than live. Everything is roughly the same price, yet orders
    of magnitude better.
    There are a number of inhabitants from NZ on usenet. I've always been
    struck by how nice they are, which stands in stark comparison to your
    neighbors from OZ.

    I know little otherwise about NZ, except that you have a functional
    government. A concept that is currently held in low regard here in the

    I have a variety of other interests. Today's project is to finish a fly
    catcher that is in the shape of the Great Pyramid.


    I was caught in the major
    j, Jun 3, 2013
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