iPhone captures on LCD monitor

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Dale, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Dale

    Dale Guest


    my sister has an iPhone, she takes pictures and they look like they have
    a pleasant color temperature overall on the iPhone

    when she emails these to me and I view them on my emachines monitor,
    running Redhat Enterprise Linux KDE Thunderbird email, the pictures kind
    of look very incandescent

    they were originally captured under incandescent lighting

    I don't know if the iPhone uses a scene balance algorithm, or just a
    white point balance, that doesn't get exported

    would seem like a typical proprietary grab, like sRGB and ProPhotoRGB

    I can fix this in GIMP easy enough,

    but it really goes beyond the "good enough" color category for even
    consumers I think

    any one know what is actually happening here?

    I can fix it easy. Get rid of sRGB and ProPhotoRGB and use an RGB
    related more to the eye (CIE) than an output device or film

    its been 20 years since I first said at Kodak R&D that sRGB would mean
    an easy out from the development of real device independent color
    management workflows

    yes, I learned since you need a wider gamut than an ideal print to
    accommodate all applications, but there DOES need to be a RELATIVE
    appearance, unless you are talking about "good enough" color, or "more
    attractive" color, which can be handled in many ways, I think "accurate"
    which is defined as CIE is a better starting point than video or film
    Dale, Feb 25, 2014
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  2. Dale

    Dale Guest

    okay, I might be getting the RAW image, preferred in some use cases but
    probably not consumer use cases as default, and Redhat/KDE/Thunderbird
    is not translating it probably

    is Linux in/entering the ICC?

    since Linux is pretty much an open systems solution it might be the one
    place where color management would be open systems too, as opposed to
    sRGB (video) or ProPhotoRGB (film)
    Dale, Feb 25, 2014
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  3. Dale

    Dale Guest

    forgot about this implementation

    I think there was another one too ...

    looks like there is a lot of activity

    I guess "Linux" could not join ICC, it could be granted a general
    membership though, allowing implementations of Linux or implementations
    of Linux color management systems a say in ICC, just a thought

    I hope Linux doesn't go the direction of sRGB (video) or ProPhotoRGB
    (film) and sticks with CIE (eye), CIE does have an RGB if you insist on
    not using colorimetry and spectral measurement

    ICC has not managed the transition of the industry from device
    measurement systems like densitometry or dot, to CIE colorimetry

    and to repeat there does have to be a standard RELATIVE appearance in
    most use cases, yes I have learned this cannot be a print since the
    gamut is not big enough for transparencies and translucencies and
    probably projectors and even most soft display

    yes, there is "good enough" and "more attractive" color, but these must
    start from a design of "accurate" color, c'mon it's been 25 years I think
    Dale, Feb 25, 2014
  4. Dale

    Dale Guest

    maybe this could be the driver to "finally" get a CIE(eye) system
    developed as opposed to sRGB(video) ProPhotoRGB(film) proprietary grabs
    within the ICC

    CIE does mean a measurement transition from device measurements like
    densitometry and dot, to colorimetry and spectral systems, maybe there
    are interested parties here

    I'm done talking to myself for tonight (on these groups) :)
    Dale, Feb 25, 2014
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