Is anyone actually using the Nikon D80?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by David Salmansohn, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. I'd loe to get some subjective opinions from the folks here. I've
    read the reviews... Are there any owners here who want to share their
    --David Salmansohn--

    Change "nospam" to my first name and .org to .com to reply
    David Salmansohn, Oct 8, 2006
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  2. David Salmansohn

    Bill Guest

    I own a Canon XT but had the chance to use the Nikon D80 on the
    weekend with the Nikon 18-70 lense. In a single word, FANTASTIC.

    The camera is fast when processing images, it's very responsive to
    user input, it has great handling and ergonomics, the viewfinder is
    much nicer than any other similarly priced DSLR on the market, it has
    the most custom functions to fine-tune it to your shooting style, and
    image quality is very good or excellent if you use RAW mode.

    I was happy to see that the high ISO noise levels were very low,
    essentially matching the best models on the market. Canon still has a
    very slight advantage at 800, but it's such a small difference I'd say
    it's negligible and certainly not a deal breaker.

    The in-camera JPG processing is a bit on the soft side with the
    default settings, but that can be avoided by using RAW, or simply step
    up the in-camera sharpening to your liking.

    In the 10mp DSLR race, the Nikon is easily the best model available.
    It's also the most expensive of the three main contenders (Canon,
    Nikon Sony), but the price difference is more than worth it.

    If image quality and camera performance are high on your list (and
    they should be with a DSLR), then the Nikon is clearly the best
    choice - it certainly won't dissappoint.

    The review of the D80 at DPreview nicely echoes my experience with the
    camera in the conclusions section:

    The only point I disagreed with was the image quality rating of 8.0
    which was knocked down by the softer default sharpening. Obviously a
    slight adjustment brings the image quality in line with the
    competition, so I don't think it should be knocked for that.

    In fact, I was so pleased with the camera I'm now considering getting
    one myself to use along with my Canon, and since a friend uses Nikon
    gear I can borrow his glass from time to time.
    You can use almost any Nikon F-mount lenses on the D80.

    There's a list of older design lenses that will not autofocus (manual
    focus works fine) shown in the owners manual and a few oddballs, but
    the vast majority will work fine. You can download a PDF from the
    Nikon USA website under software downloads.
    Bill, Oct 9, 2006
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  3. David Salmansohn

    Bill Guest

    Oops...that's what I meant to say...metering won't work, but manual
    focus works fine.
    Bill, Oct 9, 2006
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