Is Dvico Fusion 5 Gold Plus the best HDTV tuner card?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by wizzzer, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. wizzzer

    wizzzer Guest

    Is this the best HDTV card available?
    Is $149 the best price? Is digital connection a good place to order

    My plan is to use this card and to get two 320gb hard drives (640gb
    total) in a raid 0 configuration and then record HDTV shows from my
    roof antenna. I'm especially interested in the 2006 Winter Olympics. I
    figure I'll have room for 64 hours of HDTV recording plus Windows 2000
    and other stuff. Are you guys doing something like that? Also, when I
    get my next new PC, I plan on using my current one as a dedicated HDTV
    DVR and eventually hook it up to some kind of big screen hi def TV.

    One question I have is can I hook up my VCR to this card and transfer
    my VHS tapes to digital recordings so I can burn them on DVD?
    wizzzer, Dec 2, 2005
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  2. wizzzer

    Guest Guest

    I thought it was the best too. I had it and returned it because the
    software(not hardware decoder) kept crashing. It looked good, but in SD, it
    would record SD as it would look on a 16:9 TV! Exactly as it would, black
    bars on the side and all, not full4:3. I did not like that either. Other
    than that, it was not bad. I returned it to Digital Connection and told
    them that it was flawed. They offered to exchange, but I told them it was
    the software and those bastards charged me a 15% 'restocking' fee on flawed
    merchandise. I would buy it from a place without a restocking fee.

    I am still searching for another card. MyHD is cool, but DOES NOT record in
    MPEG 2 from captured video. That is important for me also.
    Guest, Dec 2, 2005
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  3. wizzzer

    Bob Miller Guest

    The Fusion5 is one of two that are the best 8-VSB receivers of all kinds
    available at reception. the other is the BBTI Air2PC-ATSC-PCI. Haven't
    tested either of their USB products but they all use LG's 5th gen chip
    which is the best on the market by a very wide margin.

    Bob Miller
    Bob Miller, Dec 2, 2005
  4. wizzzer

    Jeff Rife Guest

    Guest () wrote in
    I think you need to clarify this...the MyHD cards record digital OTA and
    digital cable exactly as they come down the wire, which is an MPEG-2
    transport stream. It's not pure single-stream MPEG-2, but it converts with
    no issue, and anything that plays back an HD MPEG-2 file should handle a
    transport stream.

    As for analog, the MyHD cards will do an A/D then store the data using
    whatever codec you choose. If you have a Windows Media/DirectShow MPEG-2
    compressor on your system, it should work fine.
    Jeff Rife, Dec 2, 2005
  5. wizzzer

    Wes Newell Guest

    It's what I'm using. You can get it for $135. I also bought 3 more Air2PC
    cards (early model) for a total of 4 tuners I wanted. They won't scan a
    single channel for me over 40miles from the towers. I've bought a new 8bay
    antenna that improve reception on the fusion, but the others still won't
    scan. Going to move it out of the attic onto the roof soon and see if that
    will help the older cards, but I don't have much faith in them at this
    distance. If you're within 25miles of the towers, they should work fine
    with a decent antenna, I'd sure like to use them as the 3 cost the same as
    one of the fusion 5's.
    My plan is 4 tuners to record up to 4 shows at the same time. But I don't
    do windows. Running Mythtv on Linux ( It's all free and
    doesn't have a tuner limitation as I'm told Win does. It also supports
    unlimted frontends. IOW's one (or more) systems running the backend with
    the tuners in it and then frontends without tuners for the other TV's in
    the house. All connedcted together so any TV can watch anything live
    or recorded on the backend server.
    There's an S-video input on the card, so it should be doable if you can
    get it onto an S-video cable. I never save anything, so couldn't say.
    Wes Newell, Dec 2, 2005
  6. wizzzer

    Wes Newell Guest

    It records the digital stream. how you look at it depends on you. Running
    Mythtv I can watch it in many modes, including 16:9 and 4:3.
    Hmm... it wasn't flawed. You told them it was, and they charged you a
    restocking fee. Seems fair to me. And I don't know many places that won't
    charge you a restocking fee for returning a product not for exchange or
    Hmmm... I'm really not into this for long, but if I'm not mistaken the HD
    digital stream is already in mpeg2 format. That's why I bought a video
    card with a built in mpeg2 decoder for playback. Otherwise, it eats up
    most of my cpu time for software decoding to play it.
    Wes Newell, Dec 2, 2005
  7. wizzzer

    Wes Newell Guest

    I can attest to that. the HDTV5 picked up most HD stations using my old
    antenna in the attic. The older Air2PC cards I bought won't pick up a
    single one out here 40+ miles from the towers. A new 8 bay antenna in
    attic got me all but one channel. Next is to move it outside on top of
    house to see if I can get the older cards to lock on to a signal this far
    Wes Newell, Dec 2, 2005
  8. wizzzer

    Jeff Rife Guest

    Wes Newell () wrote in
    As always, YMMV.

    I have compared digital OTA reception for:
    Fusion HDTV II
    MIT MDP-100 MyHD
    MIT MDP-130 MyHD
    Fusion5 HDTV
    RCA DTC-100
    Hughes HR10-250

    There is no clear winner between the MIT cards and the Fusion5. The
    MDP-100 does better on a station that the Fusion5 and MDP-130 have problems
    with, but generally the latter two are better by a tiny bit. For pulling
    in signals, only the Fusion II was noticably worse.

    The DTC-100 and HR10-250 have some issues with playing certain stream
    configurations, but that's after tuning and demodulation, so although it
    is a problem, nothing outside the box can solve it unless the broadcasters
    change their PSIP.
    Jeff Rife, Dec 2, 2005
  9. wizzzer

    Jeff Rife Guest

    Wes Newell () wrote in
    Actually, it's Microsoft MCE that imposes tuner limitations. Multiple Fusion
    cards can be installed and run from Windows with no problems if you don't
    use MCE.
    Jeff Rife, Dec 2, 2005
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