Is it legal to drive through Burger King drive-thru with safetylights installed in/on your car???

Discussion in 'Photography' started by radioguy, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    This might sound like a joke, but it isn't.

    You know those back up safety lights they sell to install in and on
    your car that uses the frequencies in the
    ham bands?

    However, Burger King has signs up saying "no videorecording or
    photography allowed" and that "violators will be

    So with that sign, Burger King is telling all of us that it is against
    the law to have safety lights on your car
    because it violates Buger King's rules.

    They seem as bad or maybe even worse than Palmdale, California.

    But you all just KNOW that sometime somewhere some city will pass a
    law requiring you to have those
    safety backup lights on your car.

    Whch also poses a problem in federal areas where they say "no cameras
    allowed" and no photography" allowed
    since it's NOT easy and is actually a pain to keep uninstalling them
    and reinstalling them.

    Such as if your city passes a law requiring them and you have to drive
    to your local social security office for
    some reaon, where they're prohibited by law.

    Maybeit's an old retired ham or old retired cber.

    To follow th law you must break the law. That is

    To follow the law of no cameras permitted anywhere on social security/
    federal property, you must remove them
    BEFORE you get your car on that property, but by doing so, you are
    breaking your city's law by not having
    them on your car while on city property off of federal property.

    But following the law to have them on your car on city property means
    you must have them on your car
    until your car is completely off of city property which means until
    AFTER par of your car is on federal property
    and you're now in violation of federal law prohibiting cameras on
    federal property.

    Of more concer is where radio transmissions are prohibited because of
    explosives. But you CAN't just uninstall
    them willy-nilly. Its too hard of a job to do that.

    And who is Burger King to tell me that I'm not allowed to have safety
    lights on my car???????

    yeah, some smart aleck is probably wanting to answer, "Well, he is the

    Not in the U.S., he isn't.

    Seriously, in my opinion, the Burger King company,corporation,
    whatever they are, has NO business telling
    me that I MUST drive more dangerously.

    And that I MUST risk running over kids that are too small to see
    behind my car with the mirrors while backing up.

    Or their pets.

    Who is Burger /king to tell me that I HAVE to run over innocent little
    kids because having transmitting safety backup lights on my car
    violates Burger King's rules against "no cameras, no photograhy, and
    no videorecording?????

    Guess what? With those safety backup lights transmitting on the ham
    bands, even if I don't do any videorecording, you just KNOW that
    there's probably going to be some ham somewhere in his own house
    watching it and videorecording it from his own house.

    Maybe even several hams at their own homes videorecording the
    transmissions from the safety backup lights.

    So take that, Burger King.

    Of course, with their sign, they have already threatened to call the
    police and prosecute anyone they catch with
    any kind of camera on their property.

    Once, even while inside Burger King, the manager came up to me and
    told me to get rid of my "camera" that
    I had because it's against the law and not allowed inside there.

    Until I then showed him that my so-called "camera" was NOT a "camera"
    at all, but an Icom IC-R3 tv set.

    Yes, the idiot BK manager thought my Icom IC-R3 radio/tv reciever was
    a "camera".
    radioguy, Dec 16, 2008
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  2. radioguy

    Frank Arthur Guest

    You are the joke "radioguy" .
    The Burger King sign says "no videorecording or photography allowed".

    It doesn't say yo cn't have a camera or camcorder. It says you cannot
    take photographs or video recording. What's your problem?
    Either don't go to Burger King r if you go follow their rules.
    Frank Arthur, Dec 16, 2008
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  3. please don't help this spam the radio NGs
    an_old_friend, Dec 16, 2008
  4. radioguy

    Jerry Sauk Guest

    We heard you the first time, asshole Now shut the hell up, you whiny
    little fast-food-hating Nazi bitch. Set followups someplace else, not
    just to where YOU won't see them.
    Jerry Sauk, Dec 16, 2008
  5. Not if you are on their property.
    cmdr buzz corey, Dec 16, 2008
  6. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Having safety lights that transmit pictures is photography, as far as
    Burger King is concerned.

    I already had a BK manager tell me to get rid of my "camera" that I
    was NOT taking any pictures with inside since "cameras aren't allowed
    and are illegal inside here".

    The reason I didn't take any pictures wth that "camera" was because it
    was NOT a "camera", but WAS a radio and tv set.

    Lots of people take their radios into Burger King and listen to them
    with headphones out.

    The idiot manager thought that my radio was a camera. And he wasn't a
    young kid either. he was a middle aged man.

    I don't go there much anymore anyways, but it does have serious legal

    Suppose I'm on the public street and happen to get in a car accident
    that's not my fault, but is completely the othe guy's fault and his
    car makes
    mine end up in Burger King's parking lot.

    I can now be charged with illegallyy violating Burger Kings rules "no
    photograpgy allowed".

    Even though I never intended to be at Burger King.

    Since "evidence obtained illegally" is not permitted to be used as
    evidence in court, I would then now be unable to use the pictures from
    the safety lights
    that would prove the accident was not my fault while I'm n court.

    While I would be able to legally use thiose same safety light pictures
    as evidence in court as long as my car happened to spin and land
    somewhere off of
    Burger King property.

    But if my car spins and happens to land on Burger King property, that
    same legal evidence is now illegal evidence.

    Also, some Burger Kings also have the "no videorecording or
    photography allowed" signs posted on their drive through windows where
    you pick up your food.

    If that rule was just meant for the inside of the building, why is it
    posted where the drive through customers see it?

    And if it's meant to address just the employees, why is it positioned
    so that the drive throughcustomers see it?

    It seems the only reason to have it there is if the rule was meant for
    the whole premises, both inside and outside the building.

    Also futher legal implications:

    I don't know why BK has that rule, but if it's because you don't want
    your employees photographed, get this:

    A car with safety lights installed does NOT even have to be on BK at
    all to photograph your employees.

    A car with safety lights installed can be completely on the city-owned
    public streets and as long as your employees are in sight of whatever
    safety lights see, the safety lights WILL transmit live motion
    pictures of your employees.

    And other people can then videorecord your employess from their own
    home by recording those safety ligt transmissions.

    Once a viideorecording is made, it's a simple matter to make stills
    from that video or even simpler, instead of bothering to make stills,
    just put up
    the video as you recorded in, in full glorious full motion video.

    Since no one wa on BK property, and the videos of BK employees was not
    inteninall made by the person with the safety lights, and thepeople at
    recording were just recording tv signl they just happen to recieve,
    and they were not recording any transmissions from BK cameras but
    recording transmissions from the safety light cameras, and BK has no
    authority over the person with the safety light cameras since they
    were never
    on BK property.

    What can and can't be installe on cars is the business of whoever in
    the state controls vehicle laws, NOT the business of Burger King.

    And I very much doubt that any city,county, or state would even
    consider, let alone passing a law that makes it against the law to
    have SAFETY
    LIGHTS that protects kids more installe on your vehicle.

    And if some city, county, or state government was stupid enough to
    actually pass a law making it against the law to have SAFETY LIGHTS
    that protect kids moe installed on your vehicle, I think that city,
    county, or state would find theirselves in a unch of political hot
    water, a bunch of legal hot water, and
    involved in a bunch of court cases.

    As far as I can see, I have not found aanything in my local city,
    county, or state laws yet that state having SAFETY LIGHTS installed on
    your car is
    against the law.

    If they were, then why are the legal national chain stores allowed
    to kegally sell them?

    Along with other stores that are not national chain stores.

    I'm not sure if the safety lights also transmit sound besides just
    pictures or not, so maybe people watching the safety light
    transmissions at home
    might even be able to hear what your employees are saying in addition
    to seeing them, while scanner listerners would be able to hear them in
    such a case.

    And all the while with both the car and safety lights never ever ever
    bein on Burger King property at all.

    So take that, Burger King.

    radioguy, Dec 16, 2008
  7. Remove the signs. It's your public property, too.
    Albert Worschey, Dec 16, 2008
  8. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    IThat is not as easy as you make it sound. I would like to see you
    keep on uninstalling and reinstalling safety lights on your car
    everytime you
    enter and leave Burger King property.

    It's at least a two hour job one way.

    Who in their right mind is going to spend two or mor hours
    uninstalling safety lights right before entering BK property and then
    another two hours
    or more reinstalling them after leaving BK property just to have lunch
    there for half an hour or less???

    Not only that, but you will most likely get arrested if you do so,
    since you will be blocking traffic on the public streets for hours at
    a time while uninstalling them right outside of Burger King prroperty.

    And of you reinstall them while on BK property before leaving so you
    won't block traffic, the BK managers and employees will woner what
    you're doing there fo so long and will say something to you anout it.

    So again, what right does Burger Kimg have to say SAFETY LIGHTS
    intalled on your car are illegal since it violates Burger King's own
    rules about
    "no photography".

    When there's nothing in actual local city, county or state laws saying
    that SAFETY LIGHTS made specifically to be installed on a car are
    against the
    law to intall in you car???

    They're sold specifically to be installed on your car in order to
    protect kids more and pets and other peoples' property.
    radioguy, Dec 16, 2008
  9. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    You may be right. That might be a loophole. It's obvious that Burger
    King's intentions, for whatever reason, is so that there won't be any
    photographs or videorecordings of their employees.

    The SAFETY LIGHTS don't actually take "photographs" and don't do any
    "videorecoring" but they DO transmit live motion pictures in realtime
    which CAN be videorecorded by other people in their own homes.

    Which either photographic stills can be made from or can be left as a

    And a car with safety lights instaled doesn't even have to be on BK
    property for such a transmission/videorecording of BK employees to be

    If the employees are outdside, it will most likely see them. If
    they're inside, well a lot of BK is window glass.

    However as I said, whle inside a BK restaurant, a BK manager already
    thought that my radio, complete with headphones, was a "camera" and
    me it wasn't allowed in there since "cameras aren't allowed in here".

    It is very obvious to me that I was not taking any pictures with a
    RADIO that was capable of recieving only, radio and tv signals.

    And it's not just BK. Some other restaurants and some other places are
    doing the same thing with a "no cameras allowed" rule or a "n
    phoyography allowed" rule.
    radioguy, Dec 16, 2008
  10. radioguy

    807breath Guest

    Not only that, Burger King food sucks! Wendy's makes a FAR BETTER
    hamburger and it's cheaper too!
    807breath, Dec 17, 2008
  11. Wendy's makes the worst hamburger in the world.
    cmdr buzz corey, Dec 18, 2008
  12. radioguy

    B Crow Guest

    B Crow, Dec 20, 2008
  13. radioguy

    BCBLazySusan Guest

    Did they not give you a raise? Awful lot of typing for something that
    isn't a big deal IMO.
    BCBLazySusan, Dec 26, 2008
  14. radioguy

    BCBLazySusan Guest

    sounds like dude needs to get a life.
    BCBLazySusan, Dec 26, 2008
  15. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Make sure toi get a double because the single's the veggies are too cold.

    That's why I'll never understand the people who use their MURS radios
    to order food ahead of time from the fast food restaurant.

    the food that is suppodsed to be hot is already cold enough by the
    time you get to the window when you order it at the normal time
    through the drive through.

    Ordering it earlier would make it even colder.
    radioguy, Dec 29, 2008
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