Is it repairable (Fuji Finpix 2400) Canoeing accident

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Grandpa, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Grandpa

    Grandpa Guest

    I had a canoeing accident where my camera was underwater with the batteries
    in it for about 3 days. I had my camera in a camera bag which was in a
    backpack but the backpack was roped to the canoe and the canoe was under
    water for that time. A nice person was able to "rescue" the canoe and send
    me the backpack in the mail but the camera came back with some visible
    corrosion and will not power on. The memory card still had the last moments
    of the trip which was a nice surprise, but I was hoping that once it dried
    the camera would work.

    Is it worth repairing at a shop? Or perhaps there is something simple like a
    replaceable fuse or something that I could try?

    Grandpa, Sep 10, 2004
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  2. Grandpa

    Denis Marier Guest

    First we have to establish if it is still under warranty.
    Then what is the street value of this camera.
    I had an episode with Fuji. I mailed ($8.00) the camera to Fuji for
    evaluation. They sent me a quote of $65.00+ for the repair. As the street
    value of my camera was under $130.00 I declined the repair and told them to
    kept it. The technician informed me that I could get a credit toward the
    purchase of a new camera. The credit is attractive and applies to last year
    model. Nevertheless its better than a kick in the butt. Before you do
    anything I strongly suggest that you have a talk directly with Fuji and find
    out what their comments are. Recently most of the well known GPS sold are
    water proof as per a MIL specs. I would look for a Camera with the same MIL
    Denis Marier, Sep 10, 2004
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  3. Grandpa

    Grim Guest

    It's dead, Jim. And it's not worth repairing.

    (Well, I guess you could wait a couple of weeks until it has thoroughly
    dried out. That's free to try.)
    Grim, Sep 10, 2004
  4. Grandpa

    wayne Guest

    see if there are any visible screws where you may be able to take it apart
    somewhat yourself and see if there is any corrosion inside or if dirt got
    in? It will tell you what may be wrong. Call Fuji see what they say about
    repair costs.

    wayne, Sep 11, 2004
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