Is the JVC the same as the panasonic?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by SHOOTER, Oct 23, 2003.


    SHOOTER Guest

    I was just looking at the JVC DV3000 DV DECKS and comparing it to the
    Panasonic dv2500 deck. Other than one being black and the other silver,
    they look a lot alike. Are they they the same just rebadged?

    One is several hunderd cheaper so it they are the smae I will go for the
    less expensive one.
    SHOOTER, Oct 23, 2003
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    Bob Ford Guest

    It is my understanding that they are both owned by the same parent
    company - Matsushita <sp?> but are completely separate and independent
    divisions of the company.

    Only my opinion but I think the JVC products are geared a bit more to
    the pro market.
    Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Oct 23, 2003
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    MitchGross Guest

    In this case I believe they are the identical product. Manufacturers license
    out these sort of things all the time. There's an excellent 9" field monitor
    made by JVC that is also sold with an Ikegami nameplate. No pro wants to be
    caught dead with a JVC monitor but they proudly use the Ikegami unit.

    MitchGross, Oct 23, 2003

    Toby Guest

    Matsushita is the parent company of the following brands (AFAIK): National,
    Panasonic, Technics. I don't believe that JVC has any connection, but there
    could be a kind of holding company tie in or something, the way Sony now
    owns Aiwa.

    In Japan at least Panasonic is definitely the pro brand, in constant
    competition with Sony for market share. JVC has always been known for being
    consumer-oriented and a bit quirky--willing to try out weird, new things and
    use unusual designs.

    That being said, things are produced under license. I owned an old Hi-8
    Kyocera camera which was a total clone of the-then top Sony model, and quite
    a bit cheaper.

    Toby, Oct 23, 2003

    SHOOTER Guest

    Yes, It seems that Panasonic has the best tape transports. I would
    rather go panasonic but it is $300 more money. IF the JVC is the same I
    will most likely go that route.
    I shoot indie films that are up to 2 hours in length, and need some type
    of dect to hold the 2 hours of footage outputed from the computer.
    I do not want to go "LP" for obvious reasons and Sony is way over

    The panasonic 2500 or the JVC 3000 seems the only option in the under
    $1,500 price range. IF the units are not the same, I will go Panasonic
    for my trust in their tape transport reliability over JVC.

    I have resold many units from refurbished consumer items and JVC's are
    always the largest in quantity and availability due to so many returns.
    I have not seen a jvc camcorder that worked beyond a year in a dialy or
    even weekly use situation. I like JVC, but would only buy it if the
    price was right. Otherwise it is a gamble I would rather not take.
    SHOOTER, Oct 23, 2003

    Steve Guidry Guest

    I own one of the JVC 3000 decks, and I don't like it. It's absolutely the
    cheapest construction that I've ever seen.

    Very lightweight - - I'll be surprised if it survives a year in our truck.
    One set of ins and outs - - on rca's, no less. Clumsy menu structure. But
    the main thing I hate is that we seem to have to clean the heads every
    couple of hours.

    It gives this annoying on-screen message that cannot be defeated. This
    really bites because we use it in a live playback application about half the
    time. It wouldn't be so bad, but this message shows up on the main output,
    NOT a monitor output (There's only one output, remember.)

    I'd rather have my Sony DSR-30 back.

    Steve Guidry
    Video Works, Inc.
    Steve Guidry, Oct 23, 2003
  7. JVC IS part of the Matsushita group as are many other brand products in the
    AV field however their core business is in international construction
    equipment from which most of the profits come. Believe it or not AV is small
    potatoes to them. Even Sony is but a blip on the horizon.
    Maurice Fleisher, Oct 23, 2003

    SHOOTER Guest

    I wonder if the Panasonic does this too?
    I guess thatr counts the JVC3000 out
    SHOOTER, Oct 24, 2003
  9. Yes, These decks are identical. The deck is manufactured by JVC, The
    Panasonic version is the same deck that has been branded with a
    Panasonic nameplate. This was told to me by our Panasonic Rep. at NAB
    back in April.

    John Angelo Santamaria
    Broadcast & Production Supervisor
    Lehigh Educational Satellite Network
    Lehigh University - Office of Distance Education
    Bldg. A Iacocca Hall B302 - 111 Research Drive
    Bethlehem, PA 18015-4732
    John Angelo Santamaria, Oct 24, 2003

    Jim Harvey Guest

    And I too have the 3000 deck and have had no real problems to speak of. I
    DID have the insidious "head cleaning required" message pop up every other
    tape, but a REAL head cleaning (not the head cleaning tape) solved that
    problem straight off. Maybe the warning pops up becaue it REALLY DOES need
    to be cleaned! ALthough there is some skepticism due to the DV500 Head clog
    bug of a couple of years ago.

    Decks that go in trucks need to be a little more robust than an edit suite
    deck, I'm not sure that the 3000 is really suited for that environment.

    Jim Harvey
    JHV Digital
    Jim Harvey, Oct 24, 2003

    SHOOTER Guest

    That is what I wanted to know.
    SHOOTER, Oct 25, 2003

    GoCycle Guest

    They are one in the same. The Panny is silver. Same transport. Same everything.
    GoCycle, Oct 30, 2003

    Seattle Eric Guest

    What'd REALLY be sweet is some place where all this info is collected.............
    Seattle Eric, Oct 30, 2003
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