Is there a camera with these characteristics?

Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by Bror Johansson, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. 1. Using SD-cards.
    2. High quality fixed focal length lens, i.e. no zoom, equivalent to (circa)
    35-mm on 24*36.
    3. Max aperture 1:2.0 or brighter.
    4. Small (to fit in small pocket).
    5. Eye-piece viewfinder.
    6. Rather fast (startup and time between pictures).
    7. At least 3 MPix.
    8. Wellknown brand.

    I haven't seen one, has anyone?

    Bror Johansson, Jun 22, 2005
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  2. Bror Johansson

    Whiskers Guest

    Not quite. This search might get you the nearest:
    an_2x_zoom> or <>.

    I have a Minolta Dimage X20; the non-protruding zoom lens works nicely and
    the camera is very compact and fast to start-up - but lacks an optical
    viewfinder, which is a serious drawback. The more up-market versions do
    have optical viewfinders. I think the Konica-Minolta Dimage X50 is the
    current top-of-the-range version.

    Large apertures (and small apertures) seem to be technically difficult for
    lenses for use with the small sensors in 'pocket' cameras; 1:28 to 1:4
    seems to be optimum for 'standard' focal lengths. Manual controls are
    mostly lacking in these cameras, too.

    The quickest starter I've tried is the little Practica SlimPix, which has a
    very poor optical viewfinder and produces poor-quality 640x480 images - but
    is very portable. The Jenoptic JDC 350 is bulkier but has a better
    viewfinder, but the images are no better. Both of those are very cheap,
    if you can find them. They may be toys, but it is possible to get images
    worth playing with, if you can stand the suspense of no pre-view and the
    frequent dissapointments.
    Whiskers, Jun 22, 2005
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