Is there a free plug-in manager that works?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Carrie, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Carrie

    Joel Guest

    Same with most if not all Photoshoppers, when I first started using
    Photoshop I tried to collect as many plug-ins as I can, and 99.99% of them
    just sit there doing nothing but taking disk space.

    After some good years wasting my time and $$$ upgrading to newer version.
    One day I hit my head with a big hammer and told myself that I had enough
    with plug-ins, and stopped using plug-in ever since.

    Right after I stopped folling around with plug-in, I tried to learn all
    skill, tricks to come up with my own technique, and my Photoshop started
    getting better and much better since. And til today, I don't use any
    plug-in for the job, just once a moon (couple years average) I may try a
    plug-in someone mentions to see what it's about. And I can learn newer
    technique just by looking at the result
    The IMAGE, with that low quality image I wouldn't bother to spend any
    energy on it. Not that it ain't worth the trouble, low-rez image won't give
    you much room to work, and often slowing you down (from improving your
    Photoshop skill).

    The TECHNIQUE for the Moonbirds, I don't think you will need any plug-in
    to come up with the similar result. All you need to do is learning how to
    use LAYER, and 1001 ways to make SHADOW.

    And for more complex weave then you may want to master the Layer Mask
    tool. Or just by looking at the photo I already come up with several
    different techniques (in my head) how to come up with the similar and even
    more complex
    Joel, Jun 21, 2011
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  2. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    I think there's one called alt.kook too.
    Carrie, Jun 21, 2011
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  3. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    I use Photoshop every day.
    That's just the icing on the cake.
    Voivod, Jun 21, 2011
  4. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    I'm quite happy here, thanks. If you'd like to **** off to somewhere
    else, feel free.
    And of course you were too stupid to just shut the **** up and move on.
    Go look if you want to know.
    Voivod, Jun 21, 2011
  5. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    You should return that copy of 'Flaming for Idiots' it wasn't worth what
    you paid.
    Voivod, Jun 21, 2011
  6. Carrie

    Ulysses Guest

    When did the USA let you in.
    A Canadian scum moves to florida and lives in a trailer park without a
    are the cockroaches getting you down again
    Note: top posting---now complain and see if I care
    Note for all: TOP POST ALL REPLIES be sure to use the "F" word
    Ulysses, Jun 22, 2011
  7. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    At birth, dipshit.
    I'm Canadian?

    Oh, right, your delusional obsession with my nickname.
    Yes, this should be your role model, indeedy-do! Please, everyone
    emulate Ulysses!
    Voivod, Jun 22, 2011
  8. Carrie

    Drogon Guest

    heard he was cought stealing eggs from a Pakistan zoo
    so they shipped his dirty ass to florida, they take anything that looks
    Drogon, Jun 22, 2011
  9. Carrie

    Savageduck Guest

    Now we are taking on a Monty Pythonesque dimension.

    The one thing he is correct about is how annoying top posting is. He
    could have been a little less provocative in expressing his distain.
    Following the flow of a thread is easier for readers of the thread.
    This is not e-mail where posting above the original message on replies
    is the standard convention.

    Usenet threads are intended to be conversational and adding to the
    bottom of the thread makes sense and makes for a chronological flow to
    the thread.
    For example, after asking a question as you did with your OP in this
    thread, it makes logical sense to answer said question below so all
    who see and choose to read the thread can follow the logic. Remember
    any question you might ask might be of interest to more individuals
    than you. Top posting above the original question or snipping it
    entirely can change the context and the logical flow. Somewhat like
    making the answer appear to have been answered before the question was
    posed. Very jeopardy-like done that way.
    Savageduck, Jun 22, 2011
  10. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    How about you learn to write a proper sentence and spell grammar school
    words like CAUGHT correctly before you try denigrating anyone else's
    Voivod, Jun 22, 2011
  11. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    Well, I thought I was just top posting when I had something more to add,
    after responding to or answering the original post. Like an afterthought.
    Probably more clear to me than anyone else reading it. I'll make sure it
    doesn't ever happen again.
    Carrie, Jun 22, 2011
  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with top posting, regardless of what
    some might say.
    Craig Schiller, Jun 22, 2011
  13. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    It disrpupts the flow of conversation. Makes tracking the subject nearly
    impossible. Anyone top posting with a properly delimited sig will cause
    ALL of the previous content below their sig to be removed when someone
    replies. Yeah, moron, there's nothing at all with being a top posting
    Voivod, Jun 22, 2011
  14. Ah, a glimmer of hope. You were almost civil there for a moment, but you
    couldn't quite pull it off, could you?

    Tracking the subject is easy. It's in the SUBJECT LINE. Duh.

    I'll grant you the sig thing.

    The other side of the coin is that you get to see the poster's response
    immediately, whereas in a thread with many responses, you could be
    scrolling for a page and a half before you got to the bottom. Often to
    see someone post the ever-popular "Me too."
    Craig Schiller, Jun 22, 2011
  15. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    I wasn't trying for civil, retard.
    Do I need to spell everything out for you in monosyllabic words?
    How magnanimous of you, shitlips.
    How horrible it must be to not have a Page-Down button.
    Voivod, Jun 23, 2011
  16. Carrie

    Savageduck Guest

    Not always. This discussion/sub-thread is far removed from the OP
    subject: "Is there a free plug-in manager that works?"
    See below.

    However mixing and matching for the top poster ( who is attempting to
    impose the tyranny of the minority in this case) only leads to a
    confusing conversation.

    In the context of NewsGroup threads, a combination of chronological
    bottom posting, inline posting, and snipping irrelevant, unrelated
    text, (only when it does not change the context/meaning/direction of
    the discussion), remains the most sensible protocol.
    Savageduck, Jun 23, 2011
  17. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.

    Craig Schiller, Jun 23, 2011
  18. Carrie

    Voivod Guest

    Yeah, don't be so hard on yourself.
    Voivod, Jun 23, 2011
  19. Carrie

    Jonz Guest

    Jonz, Jun 23, 2011
  20. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    Nothing anymore wrong (as in disrupting the flow of conversation) than
    using some petty topic to call someone names, and get totally off topic (
    which is Photoshop, here) Which is worse (for the flow of conversation) top
    posting, when it's clear it's not directly responding or answering something
    in the post, or bottom posting and lecturing and calling people names?
    Carrie, Jun 24, 2011
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