Is there a video-camera review website like

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Video Guy, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Video Guy

    Video Guy Guest is a website that performs very exhaustive and unbiased
    technical reviews of many digital cameras.

    Is there a similar website devoted to performing technical reviews of
    video cameras / camcorders?
    Video Guy, Dec 6, 2008
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  2. The closest I have seen for camcorders to the dpreview approach for
    still cameras is at (but you do need to keep
    clicking on the obscure link on each page in order to bypass the ad...).
    I used to have some informal evaluations and comparisons of Mini-DV
    camcorders on my web site (still there, listed at ), and I have a
    review of the Canon HV20/30 (at, but
    time, money, easy access to gear, and some other difficulties have
    reduced my ability to do this sort of thing much anymore (although I
    may yet acquire a Canon AVCHD HF21 or a Sony HDR-FX1000,
    which I would then review...;-).
    David Ruether, Dec 6, 2008
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