Is there a way to lighten up a photo without expensive software?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Jennifer Murphy, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Jennifer Murphy

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Eric Stevens, Dec 23, 2013
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  2. Jennifer Murphy

    PeterN Guest

    I meant the pink House is next to the Planters Inn.
    Unfortunately, my arthritic knees prevent me from riding a bicycle. And
    not certain I want to ride with my D800 with a W/A zoom.
    PeterN, Dec 23, 2013
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  3. And I suppose you think that is news to me...

    Might I delicately suggest you need to think a little more about it.

    Incidentally, not all such charts are accurate at a solstice.
    Here's the output from a program I wrote about 25 years ago, and
    the default coordinates are for Barrow:

    Longitude (+ is east) [-156.778] :
    Latitude (+ is north) [71.284] :
    Input year (yyyy) [2013] :
    Input month (mm) [12] :
    Input day (dd) [22] :
    Input Standard time offset from GMT [-9] :

    Data for: Dec 22, 2013
    Location: 156.778 West, 71.284 North

    Day length: 0:00 hours
    Sun transit: 22:26 UT 13:26 AKST
    Sun always below horizon
    Twilight times:
    Civil starts: 20:56 UT 11:56 AKST
    Civil ends: 23:56 UT 14:56 AKST
    Nautical starts: 18:46 UT 9:46 AKST
    Nautical ends: 2:06 UT 17:06 AKST
    Astronomical starts: 17:19 UT 8:19 AKST
    Astronomical ends: 3:33 UT 18:33 AKST

    The interesting point is this line from the URL above,

    Dec 22, 2013 8:19 AM 6:33 PM 9:46 AM 5:06 PM 11:56 AM 2:56 PM Down all day

    looks pretty good!

    Years ago NOAA had a webpage that would generate daily
    information, which was quite accurate; but it would also produce
    a chart for an entire year that was grossly inaccurate at either
    solstice. I had an interesting conversation with their
    programmers about it.

    They got a real kick out of being able to compare notes with a
    programmer who could also look out the window and judge the
    accuracy at some of the boundary points. They said the problem
    with the annual chart was the perl script that generated it took
    too long if they used enough precision to be accurate, and
    they'd opted for a fast version even if it wasn't accurate at
    higher latitudes.

    Actually, when I wrote the C program that produced the above
    information what I wanted was a program that gave the loss or
    gain in daylight time each day for Fairbanks Alaska. What I
    was targetting was the daily info given out by the National Weather
    Service and used by news media. However, I was never able to
    figure out exactly how they arrived at their figures. I suspect
    they had a Cobal Program meant to run on a 9 bit processor from
    1965, with who knows what precision for floating point! I could
    write a program that gave the same results for perhaps 4 or 5
    months of the year, but never figured out a fudge factor that
    resulted in the same numbers over an entire year.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Dec 23, 2013
  4. Jennifer Murphy

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Of course not.
    I don't have to, but I can't help feeling you are both a little too
    sensitive to the words of the other in these matters. A little mutual
    understanding would not go amiss.
    Were they taking refractive effects into account? I know that that is
    full of fudge factors.
    Eric Stevens, Dec 23, 2013
  5. Then why say you are suggesting it to me? You don't have half a clue
    what it is about!
    It's pretty clear that, have to or not, you should.
    Of course.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Dec 23, 2013
  6. Jennifer Murphy

    Eric Stevens Guest

    I have as much of a clue as anyone who has been following the thread.
    My impression is that PeterN was trying to sooth troubled waters by
    throwing in a little ill conceived levity and that you had failed to
    recognise it for what it was. Mind you, I don't altogether blame you
    as his intent was rather obscure.
    Then where is the discrepancy?
    Eric Stevens, Dec 23, 2013
  7. Actually his intent was rather clear, if for no other reason that
    he repeats that little bit of drama repeatedly under the same

    How would I know? I don't have access to whatever it was they used
    to come up with their numbers, so it isn't possible for me to have
    an answer. You of course are free to go on and on as usualy here,
    with now clue. I won't.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Dec 23, 2013
  8. Jennifer Murphy

    Rikishi42 Guest

    Hi, I'm an IT'er, more then a photo expert. But I'm interested, so I try to
    learn about it in here.

    I read this conversation (and a few others) with an occasional ill feeling
    of disconfort when I see how people entrust their entire life's (and
    passion's) effort into applications that use non-standard formats and
    protocols. And how they store/transfer/backup their precious pictures with
    services they have no control over.

    Everyone can have their own opnion and their own preferences.
    I know I do. So I don't comment on that, mostly.

    But when you state an online service is more reliable than a personal storage
    as it it was an objective fact ??...

    - You don't know what - if any - backups they make.
    - They probably won't offer you a history of backups.
    - You have no way of knowing where to get your files if they close down.
    - You don't know who has access to you personal data.
    - If you have a major crash, you'll have a very slow and long download ahead.
    - In case of online (work)storage you have nothing to work on if your internet
    goes out. Or in case you're not connected.
    - If you want to share your data with someone, they would have to use the
    same application you are, or you'll have to export to a standard format.

    I've seen people loose data over and over again. Please be carefull with
    Rikishi42, Dec 25, 2013
  9. Jennifer Murphy

    Mort Guest


    As I mentioned, I started out with Kodachrome ASA 10, then switched to
    ASA 25 when it came out. Later on, they came out with Kodachrome X at
    ASA 64, but it was very contrasty and had poor color rendition. I liked
    the ASA 25, albeit it was so slow. Of course with F:2 telephotos and
    f:1.4 "normal" lenses, one was able to make do.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Mort Linder
    Mort, Dec 26, 2013
  10. Jennifer Murphy

    Mort Guest

    I went to N.Y.U. as an undergraduate at Washington Square.

    Mort Linder
    Mort, Dec 26, 2013
  11. Jennifer Murphy

    PeterN Guest

    I was there too. And was just wondering, because your last name is
    familiar, though I remember a Dave Linder in A E Pi.
    PeterN, Dec 26, 2013
  12. Jennifer Murphy

    Guest Guest

    who said anything about nonstandard formats or not having control over
    interesting request, because such comments would not be particularly
    favourable, based on the garbage you wrote.
    it's not intended to replace a local backup, but the point is that it
    gets done automatically whereas a local backup probably won't because
    it's generally a pain in the ass to do.

    that makes it more reliable than something that doesn't exist at all.
    they are in the business of backups and will do a far better job of it
    than you ever could.

    an online backup company that doesn't make backups of their own servers
    is not going to last very long.
    so what? if snapshots are important, choose a service that offers it.
    nearly all of the time, what matters is the most recent copy.
    that makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

    it's not intended to be your *only* backup, so in the unlikely even
    they shut down without warning, you still have *other* backups.
    encrypt it.
    if you have a major crash, you use a local backup.

    online backup services are for when your house burns down or some other
    disaster, where your system *and* your local backup drives are lost.

    plus, they can send you a hard drive in the mail.
    complete bullshit.

    it's a backup. it doesn't need to be connected full time. the worst
    that can happen is your next backup will be delayed.
    it's a backup. it's not intended to be shared.

    if you want to share data, send the files to another person directly or
    use a service designed for sharing, like flickr or dropbox.
    the only way people lose data is if they fail to make backups.

    always have multiple backups with one or more offsite.

    using an online backup service as part of an overall backup strategy
    *reduces* the likelihood of data loss.
    Guest, Dec 26, 2013
  13. Hi Jen, I do publish ebooks, (17 this year), text books with graphics and jpg and tables.Photography is necessary not a hobby.
    So all has to be simple to use. Therefore I use Faststone image viewer as first line defense. It would do anything you would like to do. For screen shots I use Faststone Capture. If you have Pictures that have to be reduced in seize use Foto razor. For air brushing etc, inserting arrow and editing Iuse Photo filtre (not filter!!), and for special graphics I use Inkscape. All these are free and I could not wish for more. Some of them can convert to B&W or make negatives.
    quatschbuffer, Jan 2, 2014
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