is there any program that will rip passed errors?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by AnthonyR, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Hi Guys,
    I have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter but neither one completes once it
    encounters a read error.
    Even if you do skip read errors in Decrypter, it didn't complete passed the

    I had a DVD with a scratch on it and want to rip it to the hard drive so
    that I can edit around the scratch.
    Sounds simple right, remove the part that causes the dvd player to freeze. I
    figure i can remove the freeze or
    skip in an editor then correct the mpeg in maybe in VideoRedo or something
    and burn a new dvd. But how on earth can I get the
    files on the hard drive to begin with?

    Ideally, I'd like to rip up to ther errors, then have it continue after the
    Up to know I get all the files up to the errors and that's it, never can get
    the rest of the viewable scenes in the DVD.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, I guess I can record it into PC using
    analog inputs but I wanted to retain all the menus etc.
    AnthonyR, Aug 19, 2005
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  2. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Yes, exactly, their will be this big gap, fortunatley software can see this
    gap as blank and skip to where video starts playing again.
    And I wouldn't even care about having it done automatically, as long as it
    would rip to hard drive, i can then go into vob files later on with
    Videoredo and delete gaps, resync and remove mpg errors and burn new dvd
    without having to go through all the trouble of capturing analog and
    recompressing and reauthoring etc.. Gaps, would be the least of the problem.
    Hi IB,
    I tried to make sense of your example but didn't. OK, a dvd with an error or
    scratch, whatever...when played on a dvd player
    will encounter this problem, and cause a glitch or a momentary freeze and
    then move on. The movie is 2 hours long, the glitch or freezes
    last no more than a few seconds at most half way through.
    So what your saying is because their is this scratch(which someone else did)
    I shouldn't try and salvage or restore this dvd, just be more careful in the
    future? Gee, Thanks for that advice, wish i could have thought of that o my
    own. LOL

    What I ended up doing was basically playing the dvd on a dvd player running
    the analog output to my canopus dv convertor and capturing in premiere,
    edited out the few seconds of freexing (where the player encountered the
    error) and then re-authoring onto a new dvd-r.

    But I was hoping that the same way a player can have trouble reading a dvd,
    yet it eventually moves on, that some ripping program would also have this
    feature. Like an LP record, that has a scratch in the 2nd song, you can
    still enjoy the other 8 songs after the problem no?
    I suspect as more and more dvd-r users and creaters emerge this will become
    a much demanded feature. Especially on home movies burned on minidvd's were
    their is no other copy, being able to move beyond errors in software should
    be an option.
    In fact, it should be much easier since their isn't an actual mechanical
    problem like the needle being taken back over and over, the software after
    100 or so read errors should just advance itself to a few seconds further
    into the movie and so on, 5 minutes in, 10 minutes in, whatever, until the
    scratch or error is no longer a problem for ripping.
    Anyway, i seen your reply and got excited, i thought you might actually have
    a solution. Thanks anyway.
    AnthonyR, Aug 20, 2005
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  3. AnthonyR

    Gordon Abbot Guest

    Dvd decrypter will do it but it may take some time. Set retry to zero
    and aggressive. Then start it and go away for as long as it takes. I had
    one go for a full day, but it did it.

    Gordon Abbot, Aug 20, 2005
  4. AnthonyR

    Frank Guest

    I agree with the suggestion to try Lightning UK!'s DVD Decrypter.

    The New DVD Decrypter Website

    I would also give Smart Projects' IsoBuster a try. It may do an even
    better job of data recovery in a case like this.

    IsoBuster, CD and DVD Data Recovery and Rescue tool (DVD Data

    Good luck!
    Frank, Aug 20, 2005
  5. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Thank You, thank you very much...that was exactly the advice I was looking
    I never thought to try those setting in DVD Decrypter,
    nothing to lose.

    AnthonyR, Aug 20, 2005
  6. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Thanks! I knew about Decrypter but didn't know about IsoBuster (I'll have to
    look into it.)
    Thanks so much for the great advice! I appreciate it.
    AnthonyR, Aug 20, 2005
  7. AnthonyR

    Frank Guest

    I don't really know why, Anthony, but IsoBuster seems to be a secret
    application of some sort within the industry. A lot of people who
    should know about it simply don't.

    Personally, I rely upon it a lot. For example, if I'm sending an
    important CD or DVD (that I've just burned) via postal mail to someone
    across the country, I always check it first (in multiple drives) with
    IsoBuster to give myself a certain degree of assurance that the disc
    is readable. In the case of a physically damaged disc, I suspect that
    IsoBuster might have a better chance of recovering data than would DVD

    I also frequently use the program to check incoming discs (that is,
    discs which people have sent to me), especially when I encounter
    problems reading them using normal means.

    It's just my personal feeling, but I think that the although the free
    version of IsoBuster is an excellent product, it's also a product
    worth supporting and the U.S. 25.95 registration fee is not
    particularly excessive, IMO.
    Frank, Aug 20, 2005
  8. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Hi Frank,
    Again, thanks for replies, I didn't download or try it yet, but put it on my
    todo list. :)
    I quickly just looked over your web page, lots! of info, reading for another
    day also. :)

    Something that should make you laugh is while reading in tne dvd decrypter
    forums before, under the topic of CRC errors. there is an entire thread on
    how urinating (yes, you read correctly) lol, on the damaged dvd, somehow
    eliminates the CRC errors, and the DVD can be then ripped properly.
    Supposedly the acid gets into the grooves and melts away the dirt or scratch
    causing the read error?
    I really don't know if the whole thread is a joke, but many people replied
    that they tried it and it worked. I returned the problem
    dvd to my friend already after I burned him a new dvd using premiere etc...
    and I don't want to sound like an idiot saying let me borrow
    your dvd again so i can piss on it, lol...But if I still had it, I would,
    got nothing to lose since even though the acid might eventually corrupt the
    rest of the data, by that time, the disc would have already be read, ripped
    and replaced.
    If this strong cleaning technique works, it would be hilarious trying to
    tell it to people, or maybe bottle it as a cleaning solution, :)
    Anyway, it makes for a funny story.
    Have a nice day.
    AnthonyR, Aug 20, 2005
  9. AnthonyR

    Frank Guest

    I think that you'll like it (IsoBuster, that is), and installing it is
    "safe" in the sense that it doesn't update/replace any Windows system
    I've got so many links on that one Web page, the HTML for which has
    now grown to over 200 kB, that I think it would take almost a week for
    a person to follow and read them all. :)
    Do you like bridges? I have one just a few blocks from here which
    might interest you. :)
    Sure they did. The female posters, too, I suppose, or did they invoke
    the aid of a male household member (pun intended) to help out?
    So, years ago in another life, when I was a rabid audiophile and used
    to spend $20 to $40 for those little one to two ounce bottles of
    record cleaning fluid and record preservation fluid, I was actually
    buying... What? No, don't tell me, please. (At least I didn't buy
    $5000 "audiophile grade" cables!)
    I think that the most important part of the entire process, if optimal
    results are to be achieved, is the intake of the proper fluids *prior*
    to the start of the process. Let's see... Hmm, how about a liter of
    151 proof Puerto Rician rum, for starters?
    You, too!
    Frank, Aug 21, 2005
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