ISS high resolution images.

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by me, May 29, 2011.

  1. me

    me Guest

    me, May 29, 2011
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  2. me

    Alfred Molon Guest

    Alfred Molon, May 29, 2011
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  3. me

    me Guest

    Same old Alfred, almost as bad as RicA complaining about everything.
    Why not just enjoy the fisheye photos from the spacewalker(s) outside
    the station and the unique viewpoint they provide?
    me, May 29, 2011
  4. me

    Eric Stevens Guest

    rOn Sun, 29 May 2011 19:20:48 +0200, Alfred Molon
    The EXIF data says the photographs came from a Nikon D2Xs which thinks
    it's orientation is 'normal'. The lens is a 10.5mm f/2.8. Presumably
    it is this lens


    Eric Stevens
    Eric Stevens, May 29, 2011
  5. me

    Rich Guest

    Rich, May 29, 2011
  6. me

    Savageduck Guest

    Are you talking about the D2X or the ISS?
    Savageduck, May 29, 2011
  7. me

    Rich Guest

    Ha! At least the D2x served a purpose.
    Rich, May 30, 2011
  8. me

    me Guest

    A D3s was also used this mission as well.
    me, May 31, 2011
  9. me

    me Guest

    When your country starts paying any significant fraction of the $$,
    then you get a vote. In the mean time it's cool photos from OUR
    me, May 31, 2011
  10. me

    Peter N Guest

    Peter N, Jun 1, 2011
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