istD vs 300D vs FujiPro

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Miro, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Miro

    Miro Guest

    Surprisingly two things happened that I have never seen before.

    1/ I was able to get service in Harvey Norman. Partly due to the fact that
    centre management advertised 9pm closing and it was in fact 7pm.

    2/ All the major Xmas-gift digital cameras were in one place. ALL OF THEM.

    Because of part-1 I was able to investigate part-2.

    Apparently Canon is telling HN driods that .............

    * 300D can not accept EF lenses - they have to be EF-S

    * istD can only be bought with 2 sigma lenses. I think it was the 14-1400
    and the Electron Microscope / Hubble attachment.

    Apart from that ............

    * The 10D has a magnessium body, so if you drop it then it will be more
    solid. The 300D might not be as well off. Hmmm .... dropping a digital
    camera.....hmmmm ... last I heard plastic bounces even if it does crack and

    In conclusion

    The "big fat black bitch" 10D, the really amazing "feel" of the istD and the
    "crappy feel" of the 300D were complete figments of the imagination. This is
    all self-promotion for the sake of blowing the money. If you need a good
    reason to buy a DLSR camera .... try using Photography as the motivation.

    All this CRAP I have been hearing about feel and look was rubbish.

    In fact I was (world first) impressed with the focus system on the Canon
    300D. In the poor light it did a good job - and for the price it was very
    competitive with the Sony high-end stuff that i seem to like so much.
    Miro, Dec 19, 2003
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