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Discussion in 'Photography' started by tony cooper, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. tony cooper

    tony cooper Guest

    An ad for the app "Hipstamatic" says: "Digital photography never
    looked so analog! The Hipstamatic for iPhone is an application that
    brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty and fun of plastic
    toy cameras from the past." $1.99

    So, the history of mobile phones now goes from phones, to phones with
    cameras that don't take good photos, to phones with improved cameras,
    to phones with very good cameras, to phones with very good cameras
    that can be altered to provide unpredictable results comparable to
    plastic toy cameras.

    I suppose the next apps will be The Fogged Film Effect, The Forgot To
    Put The Film In Effect, and The Non-Removable Lens Cap Effect.

    iPhone may even come out with a camera phone that has a rotary dial, a
    cord that must be plugged in, and that only makes and receives
    telephone calls...with an app that requires all calls to be Operator

    Full circle.
    tony cooper, Jul 20, 2012
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  2. tony cooper

    Savageduck Guest

    Hipstamatic, and Instagram are awful and laughable toys, and cannot be
    taken seriously!!
    These are aimed at the Facebook, social media crowd.
    There are a handful of camera apps for iOS and Android phones which
    actually give results a photographer would expect from a decent compact
    camera and editing software.
    Certainly not what we DSLR users would consider great, but more than
    adequate when compared to compact cameras.
    One of my entries in the SI Food mandate was shot with my iPhone
    standard camera, and it was not "Instagram/Hipstamatic" degraded (I
    don't have those loaded on my phone).
    < >

    For most iPhone users I would suggest sticking to the standard camera,
    and if you want a bit more there are a few worth looking at.

    For $2.99 there is ProCamera which gives the iPhone photographer a
    pretty good package.
    < >
    Camera+ currently on sale for $0.99
    < >
    The $1.99 Camerasharp.
    There are others, but those are among the best offerings.
    Savageduck, Jul 20, 2012
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  3. tony cooper

    tony cooper Guest

    I looked up "Hipstamatic" because in a rather serious photography
    forum someone posted a series of photos using this. They weren't bad,
    but had far too much vignetting for my taste.

    Speaking of taste, your view on Hipstamatic and Instagram is similar
    to my view on HD. Both distort reality to some extent.
    tony cooper, Jul 20, 2012
  4. tony cooper

    Alan Browne Guest

    Assuming you mean HDR, it can be used merely to bring an image out with
    a dynamic range that is similar to the Mk I eyeball looking around a
    scene. But of course, like any process it can be used to make some
    strange looking photos.
    Alan Browne, Jul 20, 2012
  5. tony cooper

    PeterN Guest

    There are times when one needs a distortion of reality. Or, is that a
    distraction from reality.
    PeterN, Jul 21, 2012
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