It's NOT a P&S, it's a "Prosumer Grade Camera."

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Doug Bashford, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. about: Re: Never a better time to jettison that P&S;
    It's not a P&S, it's a prosumer.
    I rarely use it's 2 P&S modes and never "scenes."
    But I do use the autofocus cuz it's much faster
    than I am, even if it snags the wrong object
    on it's first try. (...As in complex far-macro
    wildflower scenes.)
    "....By far the most common usage of the term describes the
    consumers, enthusiasts who buy products (almost always
    technical,) that fall between professional and consumer
    grade standards in quality, complexity, or functionality.
    Prosumer also commonly refers to those products.

    "Prosumer" is a well-accepted category for camcorders,
    digital cameras, VCRs, "and other video playthings."[1]
    These advanced product features and higher prosumer
    expectations lend themselves to increased customizing in
    Toffler's product-improvement sense.[2]...."
    ========end quote

    IOW, having the option of P&S modes does not
    make a camera a P&S. When I do use P&S mode, it's
    usually because I'm not as flexible nor willing
    to belly-walk with the bugs, mud or poison oak etc
    as I once was. That option is clearly an advanced,
    highly useful function that enables pics I'd
    otherwise miss.
    But of course. I carried a Nikon F with
    a wooden box most of my life. I haven't opened that box in
    five or eight years. Most of the prosumer-bashers like W.W.
    remind me of the Apple crowd who truly believed that IBM
    clones were unstable ten years after that problem was fixed.
    But blind prejudice is just human nature. Pity, cuz it
    warps the vision far, far worse than a cheap, dirty lens
    degrades an image of reality.

    W.W. also has some valid points, but they seem rather weak
    to me. depth of field. More often restricted DOF
    is a bad thing and I spent much of my SLR energy and
    resources attempting to maximize it...including fast film
    and lenses. The extreme close-ups I'm talking about would
    be impossible with a larger format...and so on.... etc...
    And he's right, no viewfinder sucks. My next cam will
    have one.

    But W.W. was wise enough to admit that a small format
    prosumer is indeed the best carry-always camera.
    Many will argue that anything else is by definition, a
    special-needs camera. That's fine.
    "However, to reach a high degree of customization,
    consumers would have to take part in the production process
    especially in specifying design requirements." And,
    "Prosumers create value for companies without receiving

    Yes, I added & customized Canon's software hack (CHDK),
    software upgrade created by prosumers. We are textbok
    prosumers using prosumer cameras. Lower end DSLRs also.
    These facts may be contrary to popular camera magazine
    induced culture and related self-images. Sorry to pop
    any camera-ad magazine induced feelsgood branding
    self-images that they have spent so much cutting-edge
    effort to cultivate for your buying comfort. The beer
    and cigarette marketeers have been doing that for over a
    century. "Coors is different than Miller!"
    Doug Bashford, Jul 25, 2011
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  2. Doug Bashford

    John Turco Guest


    They're all banal buzz words.
    Does "W.W." refer to Wolfgang Weisselberg?
    "Super zoom" cameras are quite capable of shallow depth of
    field, at the telephoto ends of their lenses.
    The individual photographer's own needs and/or wants,
    should be the sole considerations.
    Basically, television commercials are innately insipid
    and incredibly idiotic...which is why I've avoided them,
    for over two decades.
    John Turco, Jul 29, 2011
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