I've Got $1500 for Sound and Lights

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by riclanders, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    I've got $1500 to spend on sound and lights and would like some advice.
    I now own a brand new Canon GL-2 (waiting for it to be delivered this

    for a mike I'm thinking --RODE NT3-HYPER CARDIOID

    What fish pole boom would work well?

    Canon has it's own recommend xlr box for the GL2 that sells for $170.
    Should I get it or opt for a beachtek?

    As to lighting, I want a lighting kit that sets up easy, comes with a
    rolling case, and renders professional results.

    I'll be using my equipment for events, weddings, interviews and

    All advice appreciated.

    Also, would like to squeeze in a wide angle lens and a high capacity

    riclanders, Jul 21, 2006
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  2. riclanders wrote ...
    I thought this was a good deal...

    Good package, good price, reputable dealer (likely provides
    equipment to the sound people who do most the the feature
    film and network TV you see).

    I'm thinking about buying one of those packages myself.
    Beachtek's primary advantages are likely the mechanical
    construction (pretty rugged), and name-brand recognition
    (for resale value). I would suspect that you could get
    equivalent functionality without spending so much. There
    are lower-priced equivalents.

    Or if you want to make your own....
    "Build a Compact Lighting Kit" by Walter Graff (who shoots
    video for many shows you have likely seen on TV).
    I wish I had read that article before going out and buying a
    commercial lighting kit.

    The DV website requires registration, but it is well worth it for
    access to some great articles available online. I have *never*
    been spammed from these people. Even when my magazine
    subscription expired, they have never sent me a single email.
    Get a few months of experience in to discover what you really need
    before going out and buying a bunch of accessories.
    Richard Crowley, Jul 21, 2006
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  3. Not to be excessively grumpy butŠ

    There's no lighting kit on the planet that ³renders professional

    PEOPLE render professional results. Or not.

    Give someone who truly understands lighting a few hundred bucks and send
    them into any large home center and they'll light the socks off any
    scene you like.

    Give someone who doesn't understand lighting - access to a 5 ton grip
    truck and you'll get a disaster.

    That said, ANYTHING you can read about the craft, including Graff's book
    will start you on the road to getting what you need. (a brain that
    ³thinks good lighting)

    So it's good advice to buy whatever you can afford and then get out and
    start lighting stuff ASAP - which is exactly what your post indicates
    you want to do.

    Excellent plan.
    William Davis, Jul 21, 2006
  4. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    I feared someone would not be able to resist the words, "render
    professional results," but it had been a long day and I didn't have
    the energy to not leave myself open to that old chestnut -- "It's the
    photographer, not the equipment!"

    Rest assured, I'll take pains to parse my prose in the future.

    riclanders, Jul 22, 2006
  5. A) they become ³chestnuts precisely because they have lasting truth to

    B) I occasionally post them, not so I can read them, or even so YOU can
    read them. But so that the 14 year old r.v.p. lurker who isn't yet jaded
    will read them. Of course, that kid, in just a few decades will be
    pushing you and me BOTH out of work - and hopefully doing something
    incredible that knocks everyone visual socks off.

    William Davis, Jul 22, 2006
  6. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    So true.

    By the way, what's the trick to getting your questions answered around

    riclanders, Jul 22, 2006
  7. riclanders

    Bob Ford Guest

    I think your question just got answered by myself and Bill Davis in
    your other thread.

    Just curious
    1. How old are you?
    2. Have you done any pro work or are you just planning to start with
    your new list of equipment?

    Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Jul 22, 2006
  8. riclanders wrote ...
    In the last month, you have initiated 18 threads in the
    rec.video.* newsgroups which generated 158 replies.
    Unclear what your question means?
    Richard Crowley, Jul 22, 2006
  9. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    Did I go over my quota?

    riclanders, Jul 22, 2006
  10. riclanders

    Bill Fright Guest

    ric are you trying to not make friends here? You're talking to people
    (myself included) who's audio kits are priced far over everything you've
    talked about here including your camera. We've paid serious dues in our
    efforts and our profits and it's hard to appreciate a new person who
    acts flip. I've read the answers to the questions you've asked and I'm
    not sure why you're acting disappointed. Perhaps you should be
    disappointed elsewhere.

    Best luck,
    Bill Fright, Jul 22, 2006
  11. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    Sure. I've got tons of questions about video production.

    Where in Usenet can a newbie get straight answers?

    riclanders, Jul 22, 2006
  12. riclanders

    Bob Ford Guest

    Try amateur/hackvideo.usenet.com
    Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Jul 22, 2006
  13. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    Ok, Bob ... but only if you turn off the microphone and come from
    behind the curtain.

    riclanders, Jul 23, 2006
  14. riclanders

    Bob Ford Guest

    Bob Ford, Jul 23, 2006
  15. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    riclanders, Jul 23, 2006
  16. riclanders

    Bob Ford Guest

    Do you need someone to tell you what that means?
    Bob Ford
    Images In Motion
    Bob Ford, Jul 23, 2006
  17. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    Bob, you're a crackerjack mechanic but you're not well-read.

    Get over it.

    riclanders, Jul 23, 2006
  18. riclanders

    Bill Fright Guest

    well those little clips explain exactly why he does not need quality
    lights, audio and camera. It sure is easy to dismiss him now!

    He is on the wrong group. He should try Crank yankers for the humor and
    budget impaired.
    Bill Fright, Jul 23, 2006
  19. riclanders

    riclanders Guest

    Those little clips were made with a $100 digital camera. And look, pal,
    I was a 18 year old combat photographer lugging around a 5x7 Crown
    Graphic in 'Nam when most of you were a twinkle in your grandfather's
    eye, so don't tell me about lights and audio, ok ...unless I ask.

    riclanders, Jul 23, 2006
  20. riclanders

    Bill Fright Guest

    hehehe So you're "stepping up" to a <$3000 camera and this impresses
    you? Also, and you know my age how? War record how? Anything at all?

    Congratulations! You've finally deserved my plonk list.
    Bill Fright, Jul 23, 2006
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