jerky output but why?

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by chris, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. chris

    chris Guest


    I have been filming with my canon 530i for a few years now but have come
    across a problem that i cant quite put my finger on.
    I film with my 530i and edit it with premier and this gives me perfectly
    captured films with no dropped fames.
    Just recently i sometimes notice a choppy jerky effect especialy when the
    subject is moving only once they have been burnt to dvd .Sometimes it does
    it and sometimes not . If i view the raw avi before i burn it ,it is
    perfect. I have tried slower burning speeds but no joy. I burn with ulead
    DVD movie factory 2 and i am convinced it is a setting on the software any
    ideas welcome and out of curiosity which burning software do the majority of
    this group use to burn there film to DVD?

    Thanks v much
    Chris Andrews
    chris, Dec 3, 2003
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  2. chris

    SjT Guest

    The burning process will not make much difference, its when you
    compress the AVI files into an mpeg file that is most important.

    You havent said whether you are viewing this on a dvd player or your
    computer or what.

    Possible problems can be:

    1. DVD Lense on the way out on your player
    2. You are encoding at a low bitrate
    3. Your pc is struggling to play dvd's (If viewing on pc)
    4. The DVD media you have used is a bit crappy :)
    SjT, Dec 4, 2003
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