Jim Lo Scalzo on Nikon DSLRs v Canon DSLRs

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Clara, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. Matt Clara

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    If you are going to wait until August, you might as well wait until
    September as Photokina may have some new models.
    In actuallity I doubt Nikon will be upping the anti on the EOS 1D Mark II
    this year. They just introduced their latest professional digital a few
    months ago.

    This seems like an appropriate place to pose a Canon/Nikon question. In
    August I will buy another DSLR. The features of the Canon EOS-1D MarkII
    make it the camera of choice for me. Only... all my gear is Nikon. So, if
    Nikon does not answer Canon with a comparable camera announced by or before
    August this year, I will have to (gladly) acquire new Canon lenses and
    software to get up and running with the Mark II. So to ease the suspense,
    would anyone care to make an educated guess as to the likelihood of Nikon
    responding to Canon at this level? TIA.

    mailto: clix.at.xeropixdotcom
    Tony Spadaro, Mar 7, 2004
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  2. Matt Clara

    ThomasH Guest

    I suspect you are correct. However, the 1DmkII is not yet released, is it?
    They work on it. The promise of the 1DMkII is to match Nikons speed of 8fps
    at a twice of the number of pixels. Lets do some math about the speed of
    the data transmission. One problem with such calculations is the prevailing
    lack of information about bits per pixel. This is astonishing, I would see
    this as essential as the number of pixels itself and as any Dmax parameter
    value in 35mm film.

    Lets assume that Canon will provide 12bits per pixel. In such case
    EOS 1DMkII would have to transmit 100,663,296 bytes per second from
    the sensor (8*Mpix*12 -> number of bits per frame. Div it by 8 for
    bytes and take times 8 to get the 8 frames per second in bytes.) This
    is approx. 96 Mbytes/sec. If they will manage this, I will be impressed
    but it indeed appears throughout doable. Nikon's D2h makes now approx.

    ThomasH, Mar 7, 2004
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  3. Matt Clara

    ThomasH Guest

    Why are you saying this? An example:

    Just about one-two years ago I met someone who was still using
    an old manual Nikkormat. He put my 80-200F/2.8 on it and...
    voila! It was working without a problem. Of course, he got set
    the aperture manually and focus manually. Similarly, I couple
    use the old 50mm F/1.4 nikkor in M mode on my F90.
    Canon has currently deep pockets, Nikon pays for the bitter loses
    in their Precision Instruments division and probably does not
    have the means for such generosity. Back than it was the other
    around. Look at Canon's accumulated annual report on their web
    page. A few years ago they were loosing money. Lets see if
    Nikon will separate itself from this micro stepper business
    or make it profitable again...

    ThomasH, Mar 7, 2004
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