Jobo Giga One - Problems downloading to PC

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by swee-pea1, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. swee-pea1

    swee-pea1 Guest

    Hi all,

    Has anyone out there had probs with the Jobo giga one portable storage
    device(40gb model) not being recognised by the pc and been able to
    find a solution to the prob?

    I did a test run with the brand new unit when I bought it a few weeks
    ago downloading images from a 4gb extreme III CF card and then
    transfering the files to my laptop as per the very simple instructions
    and it worked perfectly.

    I have just spent 3 weeks in cuba and costa rica photographing
    wildlife and I have just tried to connect the unit to the pc to
    download my pics and I get the 'usb device not recognised...' error
    message displayed on the laptop and an illuminated (but blank) screen
    on the device. This happens if the unit is switched OFF before
    connection to the laptop. If I switch the unit ON before connecting
    it to the laptop, the display illuminates with the correct info as it
    should do but is not even recognised by the laptop as being connected.

    I have tried every permutation I can think of to try and get it to
    1. switching it on/off before connecting,
    2. switching AC power on/off before connecting,
    3. fully charging unit before connecting
    4. pressing powr/on off buttons together for 3 secs to reset etc and
    nothing seems to work.

    as far as copying media cards is concerned, the unit is still working
    fine. there is approx 23 gb of photos on the unit that I am desperate
    to retrieve, particularly after being bitten by an iguana and some
    very nasty mosquitos!!.

    Any advice/ suggestions would be gratefully received!

    many thanks, chris
    swee-pea1, Apr 12, 2007
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