JPEG XR--the XR stands for "extended range"

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Rob., Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Rob.

    Rob. Guest

    Though this maybe of interest! Just a snippet

    Microsoft's JPEG XR--the XR stands for "extended range"--provides some
    of the image-quality benefits of raw while offering the smaller file
    size and non-proprietary processing benefits of JPEG. Keep in mind that
    JPEG XR doesn't replace raw:it simply offers better compression
    algorithms and a wider dynamic range than JPEG. At best, one might find
    a JPEG XR photo visually indistinguishable from a processed raw file.
    But that makes it able to stand up to retouching better--suffer from
    less degradation--than its predecessor. And for shooters in that market
    segment, that may be enough.

    Clearly, no one's talking about actual products yet and JPEG
    XR-as-standard hasn't even attained Committee Draft status within the
    ISO's JPEG committee yet (that's scheduled for the end of March). But
    the fact that I'm actually hearing about it in conversation makes me
    think that we might start to see some implementations by next year. And
    while I still would prefer longer raw bursts, JPEG XR strikes me as a
    reasonable compromise.
    Rob., Feb 7, 2008
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  2. Rob.

    Mr.T Guest

    But WHY compromise?
    With memory cards and hard drives getting bigger, cheaper and faster, I
    can't see any reason for not using RAW myself.

    Mr.T, Feb 8, 2008
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