Just curious: Is there any camera manufacturer that supports linux?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Daniel.C, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Daniel.C

    Daniel.C Guest

    I have an excellent Canon s230 camera. I tried making it work with
    Mandrake 9.2 with out luck. I get numereous communication errors.

    Is there any camera manufacturer that supports linux?
    Here are the 3 main reasons I resort occasionaly to using Windows:
    1. Picture download.
    2. High quality picture printing.
    3. Encarta Encyclopedia

    Daniel C.
    Daniel.C, Nov 16, 2003
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  2. Daniel.C

    Daniel.C Guest

    Yes, that is what I tried. The downloads don't work. I get numerous
    communication errors. I have a high speed 512mb flash card. Perhaps that
    is part of the problem.
    Daniel.C, Nov 17, 2003
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  3. Daniel.C

    Gavin Cato Guest

    Might be easier to use a card reader.
    Gavin Cato, Nov 17, 2003
  4. Daniel.C

    Joe Guest

    I can't comment on Mandrake, but I recently installed Suse 9.
    It comes with Digikam v0.6.0, and right out-of-the-box, it
    works with my s230. Digikam is a KDE front-end for GPhoto2.
    My system also has:
    - KDE 3.1.4
    - libgphoto2 2.1.2

    For picture printing, I use the Gimp - great for one-offs
    where I want to tweak something in the image before printing.

    PS. I agree that the s230 is an excellent camera!
    Joe, Nov 28, 2003
  5. Daniel.C

    Ron Guest

    Redhat uses gtkam which was renamed gPhoto.


    Number of supported cameras: 414
    Supported cameras:
    AEG Snap 300
    Agfa ePhoto 1280
    Agfa ePhoto 1680
    Agfa ePhoto 307
    Agfa ePhoto 780
    Agfa ePhoto 780C
    Agfa ePhoto CL18
    Agfa ePhoto CL20 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Aiptek 1.3 mega PocketCam (TESTING)
    Aiptek PalmCam Trio
    Aiptek Pencam (TESTING)
    Aiptek PenCam Trio
    Aiptek Smart Megacam (TESTING)
    Apple QuickTake 200
    Apple QuickTake 200
    Argus DC-100
    Argus DC-1500
    Argus DC-1510
    Argus DC-2000
    Argus DC-2200
    Benq DC1300 (TESTING)
    Canon Digital IXUS
    Canon Digital IXUS 2 (PTP mode)
    Canon Digital IXUS 300
    Canon Digital IXUS 330
    Canon Digital IXUS 400
    Canon Digital IXUS 400 (PTP mode)
    Canon Digital IXUS II (normal mode)
    Canon DIGITAL IXUS v
    Canon Digital IXUS v2
    Canon Digital IXUS v3 (normal mode)
    Canon Digital IXUS v3 (PTP mode)
    Canon Digital unknown 3
    Canon EOS 10D
    Canon EOS 300D (normal mode)
    Canon EOS 300D (PTP mode)
    Canon EOS D30
    Canon EOS D60
    Canon EOS Digital Rebel (normal mode)
    Canon EOS Digital Rebel (PTP mode)
    Canon EOS Kiss Digital (normal mode)
    Canon EOS Kiss Digital (PTP mode)
    Canon IXY DIGITAL 300
    Canon MV630i
    Canon MVX2i
    Canon Optura 200 MC
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    Canon PowerShot A20
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    Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom
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    Che-ez Snap (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Chinon ES-1000
    Concord Eye-Q Easy (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Concord EyeQ 4330 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    CoolCam CP086
    Creative PC-CAM 300 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Creative PC-CAM600 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    D-Link DSC 350+ (TESTING)
    D-Link DSC 350F (TESTING)
    Digitaldream DIGITAL 2000
    DigitalDream l'elegante
    DigitalDream l'elite
    DigitalDream l'espion
    DigitalDream l'espion xtra (EXPERIMENTAL)
    DigitalDream l'esprit
    DigitalDream la ronde
    Directory Browse
    Dynatron Dynacam 800
    Epson PhotoPC 3000z
    Epson PhotoPC 500
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    Epson PhotoPC 600
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    Fuji Axia Eyeplate (EXPERIMENTAL)
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    Fuji MX-600
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    FujiFilm @xia ix-100
    Gear to go (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Generic SoundVision Clarity2
    GrandTek ScopeCam (TESTING)
    GTW Electronics (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Hawking DC120 Pocketcam
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    IOMagic MagicImage 400
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    Ixla DualCam 640 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Jenoptik JD 350 (EXPERIMENTAL)
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    Leica Digilux Zoom
    Logitech Pocket Digital (EXPERIMENTAL)
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    Panasonic PV-L859
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    Philips ESP50 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Philips ESP60 (EXPERIMENTAL)
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    Phoebe Smartcam
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    Polaroid PDC 2300Z
    Polaroid PDC 640
    Praktica QD500
    Praktica QD800
    Pretec dc530 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Quark Probe 99
    QuickPix QP1
    Radioshack Flatfoto (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Relisys Dimera 3500
    Ricoh Caplio G3 (TESTING)
    Ricoh Caplio RR30 (TESTING)
    Ricoh RDC-300 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Ricoh RDC-4200 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Ricoh RDC-4300 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Ricoh RDC-5000 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Samsung digimax 800k
    Samsung Kenox SSC-350N
    Sanyo DSC-X300
    Sanyo DSC-X350
    Sanyo VPC-G200
    Sanyo VPC-G200EX
    Sanyo VPC-G210
    Sanyo VPC-G250
    ScanHex SX-35 (TESTING)
    ScanHex SX-35 (TESTING)
    ScanHex SX-35 (TESTING)
    ScanHex SX-35 (TESTING)
    Scott APX 30
    Sierra Imaging SD640
    SiPix Blink (EXPERIMENTAL)
    SiPix Blink 2 (EXPERIMENTAL)
    SiPix Stylecam (TESTING)
    Skanhex SX-330z (EXPERIMENTAL)
    SMaL Ultra-Pocket (EXPERIMENTAL)
    So. Show 301 (TESTING)
    Sony DCR-PC100
    Sony DSC-F55
    Sony DSC-F707V (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-P30 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-P31 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-P32 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-P5 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-P50 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-S75 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-S85 (PTP mode)
    Sony DSC-V1 (PTP mode)
    Sony MSAC-SR1
    Sony MVC-CD300 (PTP mode)
    Sony TRV-20E
    SpyPen Axys
    SpyPen Cleo
    SpyPen Luxo
    SpyPen Memo
    SpyPen Xion
    SQ chip camera (EXPERIMENTAL)
    StarCam CP086
    STM USB Dual-mode camera
    Tiger Fast Flicks
    Timlex CP075
    Toshiba PDR-M1
    Toshiba PDR-M11 (TESTING)
    Traveler SX330z (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Traveler SX410z (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Trust DC-3500
    Trust Familycam 300 (TESTING)
    Trust [email protected] 350FS (TESTING)
    Trust [email protected] 500F FLASH (TESTING)
    Typhoon StyloCam (TESTING)
    UMAX AstraPen
    UMAX AstraPix 320s (TESTING)
    USB PTP Class Camera (TESTING)
    Yahoo!Cam (EXPERIMENTAL)

    It's a Start.

    Ron, Nov 30, 2003
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