Just had my Pentax K2 repaired

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by LGLA, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. LGLA

    LGLA Guest

    I just had my Pentax K2 repaired, this camera was fully rebuilt. This was done
    by Eric Hendrickson in Tennessee, through an *Bay sale, and he did a bang-up
    terrific bit of work. It was miserable, the ASA/ISO rings (includes the exposure
    compensation ring, these are around the lens mount on this camera) was
    gummed-up and rediculously stiff to use, the stop down button was gummy too.
    The prism area inside cleaned, as well the finder area is also cleaned out. The
    shutter speeds were tested as well the curtain travel speeds, and speeds adjusted
    to proper. And the shutter block was fully cleaned! He also fixed the shutter
    solenoid release... whatever that is. He also took out a dent in the top cover
    that is over the prism by the hot shoe. And he installed new light seals and
    mirror bumper foam

    I sent the camera on a Saturday, it got there from California the next tuesday
    and turn around time about two weeks! That's quick! But after he inspected it
    he told me of extraneous work it needed of several jobs, and required another
    $20... no problem, I sent it through Paypal, and everything was done!

    This bay seller is pentaxrepairs and his website is http://www.pentaxs.com/
    It's running sharp now, for a GREAT price! I am a real and genuine customer
    of his, no relation to him.

    LGLA, Sep 6, 2008
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  2. LGLA

    RobertL Guest

    Nice to hear this classic has been given a new lease of life. I used
    one years and years ago until I replaced it with the Pentax MX. I
    now use Nikon FM2 and FM3a.

    there's nothing like the feel of a mechanical camera, but I wish I
    understood why.

    RobertL, Sep 8, 2008
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  3. LGLA

    LGLA Guest

    To me it is the beauty of film for artistic reasons, and all the different characteristics
    between films. Film seems a much more stable and reliable system than all the
    confusion of color and management in digital to printing, which is such an absolutely
    huge study and expense for software, hardware and books, ink and papers. Though
    I do love the film cameras as well.

    LGLA, Sep 9, 2008
  4. LGLA

    mj Guest

    I own 2 K2's as well as an LX with several lenses. I too enjoy the "look
    and feel" of film.
    mj, Sep 9, 2008
  5. LGLA

    LGLA Guest

    What about medium or large formats? You know, the-bigger-the-better.
    I also have a bunch of K lenses too. What are your favorite films? I love
    the finest grained, like Pan F 50!

    LGLA, Sep 10, 2008
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