JVC GR-DVP3U: Will record (heads are dirty), but gives E03 error when trying to use cleaning cassett

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by David P, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. David P

    David P Guest

    OK, we all know about the infamous E03/E04/E06/whatever problems with
    JVC camcorders. Well, I haven't seen this one. I have a JVC GR-DVP3U
    (GR-DVP3) camcorder. I can insert a MiniDV cassette and it will
    happily record on it. However, when I play it back, I see 10 or so
    bands, half of which are recorded correctly, and half of which are
    noise. I also usually get (during playback) a notice about cleaning
    the heads.

    So I tried to use a head cleaner. However, when I try to play the
    headcleaner, I get the E03 error. I can remove the battery and/or
    reinsert the cassette ad nauseum, but it won't ever play the cleaner
    cassette. Thinking it might be the cleaner cassette (even though the
    cassette worked fine in another MiniDV recorder), I went out and got a
    different one. Nope, same problem. (The two I tried were Panasonic and

    So it'll play/record standard cassettes. But it won't play cleaning
    cassettes. Any suggestions?

    David P, Jul 9, 2004
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