JVC MC 500 - Don't buy it

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Andrea, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    I was wondering anybody has bought that cam. If yes, I can understand all
    its disappoint if he or she has found the battery a real trouble as I've
    found with this cam.

    I've decided to buy the cam according to technical specifications that every
    product expose. All seem fine. Small, MicroDrive, record also on a SD card,
    3 CCD sensor, nice zoom. Ah, that's the point.

    If you use the zoom, and I believe that everybody buy a cam would like to
    use the zoom to record scenes that isn't properly closed to the camera, the
    battery duration decrease its productivity switching from 1 hour to something
    near 20 minutes, according to how many times you use the zoom.

    Unfortunately this "characteristic" isn't specified on the technical sheet,
    but just on page 15 of italian manual (I don't know on which page is for
    translated manual).
    So if you need to fit the MicroDrive shipped with your cam, you must to spend

    another 200 euros for two additional batteries.

    That's not I call a worth.

    If anybody say me that when I asked, I wouldn't get that cam also if shopper
    was trying to give me it for free.

    It's impossible to use. I just used that one time during a trip with my family
    and I've spent 1,5 hour to recharge battery just for use it another 20 minutes.
    And all after the night before the battery was completely charged up.

    The most incredible thing about this trouble is that italian techinician,
    before to buy the product, they haven't said anything about this characteristic,
    and after they said that simply not using the zoom, and I got a full hour
    of recording. That's a shame. If I cannot use the zoom I guess that a Polaroid
    is more convenient in that case.

    So don't buy the product if you don't want to spend enought money to buy
    a sufficient number of battery to assure you at least one hour of recording.

    Andrea Moro
    Andrea, Jul 6, 2006
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