Keeping exif data with Photoshop 5

Discussion in 'Photography' started by pensive hamster, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. pensive hamster

    Robert Coe Guest

    On 2013-06-18 17:05:17 -0700, Robert Coe <> said:
    : > On Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:24:02 -0500, Paul in Houston TX <>
    : > wrote:
    : > : pensive hamster wrote:
    : > : >
    : > : > I have recently bought a Nikon D5100 which I mostly use in Auto mode,
    : > : > and then tweak some shots in Photoshop 5, which is a fairly old
    : > : > version. It seems to strip out the exif data, and I can't work out
    : > : > how to stop it doing this.
    : > : >
    : > : > The main reason for keeping the exif data is that I was thinking of
    : > : > submiting some shots to a D5100 forum, which insists that exif data
    : > : > is included, to prove a D5100 was used.
    : > : >
    : > : > Any suggestions about how to keep the exif data? (I have Googled the
    : > : > question, but haven't found an answer that way)
    : > :
    : > : According to photo forums, exif capability was not included in PS 5.
    : > : PS 6 was the first one to use it.
    : > :
    : > : Why not use GIMP instead of PS 5? Its open source and quite good.
    : > : Or use Irfan for overall photo changes. Irfan can also edit / write
    : > : IPTC data to the file. Both keep exif data.
    : >
    : > Irfan keeps the Exif data in a JPEG. But Canon's DPP is able to create an
    : > Exif-TIFF file, and if you subsequently edit that file with Irfan and save it
    : > as a JPEG, Irfan doesn't preserve the Exif data. (If you edit the file and
    : > save it back as a TIFF, I think it might; but don't take my word for it.)
    : >
    : > Bob
    : ...but Bob, you keep on trying to get him to use Canon DPP when he is
    : shooting a Nikon D5100. The Nikon equivalent packaged with his DSLR
    : would be Nikon's ViewNX.

    It wasn't about DPP; it was about Irfanview. I mentioned DPP only to show how
    I knew that Irfanview has trouble with Exif data in TIFFs. And because I'm not
    sure that DPP's incorporation of Exif data into TIFFs isn't idiosyncratic. For
    all I know, there may not be an accepted specification for Exif data in a

    Robert Coe, Jun 20, 2013
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  2. are quite handy, but I'm not aware of any subsequent enhancements to the
    functionality which would persuade me to pay for any further upgrades

    PS5 also introduced the history palette which was well overdue, most other
    editors had unlimited levels of undo long before Photoshop did. PS4 was a
    royal pain as it had 1 level of undo, which in many cases was effectively 0
    levels, e.g. you select some area, make some change, then deselect. At this
    point all you could undo with PS4 was the "deselect", not the substantive
    change you'd made to the image! PS5 fixed all that and personally I think
    it was better than PS6 which came after it, in fact PS6 was so dreadful I
    downgraded back to PS5!
    Gordon Freeman, Jun 21, 2013
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  3. photo manipulation as well,

    One thing you can do with Irfanview is import all your Photoshop 8BF
    filters, they work just like they did in Photoshop.
    Gordon Freeman, Jun 21, 2013
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