Ken Burns in iMovie 6.0.3 causes image to disappear or not render

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by gabyfrisch, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. gabyfrisch

    gabyfrisch Guest

    When I drag a picture to the clip pane and apply Ken Burns effect, the
    red progress bar renders the image but I don't see the zoom effect, as
    if it did nothing.
    At other times, when the rendering finshes, the image disappears from
    the timeline alltogether/
    Any tips on that?

    gabyfrisch, Dec 9, 2006
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  2. gabyfrisch

    Smarty Guest

    I'm also using version 6.0.3, the latest version, (Build 267.2) but mine
    works entirely correctly. When "Show Photo Settings" is enabled, you should
    simultaneously see the actual rendered effect as well as have two sliders,
    the upper controlling zoom, the lower controlling speed. Each adjustment
    should be instantly visible. The image should not disappear from the
    timeline after rendering.

    You might reinstall the iMovie application from your Installer disk. There
    are no settings in the application I am aware of which would make this
    effect / clip disappear or not work. supposedly can apply this Ken Burns effect in iPhoto prior
    to importing to iMovie. I would not prefer this approach personally, but it
    may give you a workaround until you solve the original problem.

    Smarty, Dec 9, 2006
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  3. gabyfrisch

    gabyfrisch Guest

    Thanks Smarty for the very fast reply.

    I use iMovie 4 and never encountered the problem.
    Reinstalling did not help.
    I have version 4 still installed (didn't want to let go so fast)
    and several video codecs.

    thanks for the help.

    gabyfrisch, Dec 9, 2006
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