Kodak Camera Connection software problem.

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by KennyJr, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. KennyJr

    KennyJr Guest

    Hopefully someone here may have some ideas. I've tried everything I can
    think of without any luck. Here's the problem:

    I have a Kodak DX6490 and Camera Dock 6000. Normally I'd press the
    transfer button on the dock and a drive icon would appear in Explorer
    which I could open and then transfer files from the camera to the

    I bought a Kodak P850 (great camera) and installed the updated version
    of the CCS and EasyShare to try out the RAW editor. After installing the
    updated software when I pressed the transfer button the drive icon would
    show up but I'm not able to open the drive.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but still wasn't
    able to open the drive for the camera so I uninstalled again and tried
    to reinstall the older version of the software that came with the
    DX6490. Still no luck. Next I uninstalled again then in Explorer I
    deleted the Kodak folder and using RegEdit removed all referenced to
    Kodak from the registry. Tried reinstalled the CCS from the DX6490 and
    still can't open the drive.

    Like I said the drive shows in Explorer, but I can't open it. I've tried
    two of the tips on the Kodak Support page titled "Cannot Upload Files to
    Camera on WINDOWS XP" and "Drive Letter Shows But Cannot Access the
    Drive" and still no luck.

    Anyone have any other ideas?
    KennyJr, Dec 8, 2005
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  2. Agreed I have a Kodak camera and never use the transfer software either.
    I bought a USB card reader for next to nothing and just extract the card
    from the camera and insert in the reader. If your computer has an inbuilt
    card reader so much the better.
    Quick, easy, safe.

    Gerrit 't Hart, Dec 8, 2005
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  3. KennyJr

    KennyJr Guest

    Do you know the name of the program.
    I have a card reader and use it the majority of the time since it is so
    much faster. The only time I use the dock to transfer pictures is if I
    only have one or two pictures in the camera.
    KennyJr, Dec 8, 2005
  4. KennyJr

    KennyJr Guest

    I ran the Kodak Clear program and then reinstalled the Camera Connection
    software. Still no luck. Guess I'll just use the dock for charging and
    use the card reader to transfer pictures.
    KennyJr, Dec 10, 2005
  5. KennyJr

    KennyJr Guest

    Not really worried about it. I found my own solution. I uninstalled the
    Camera Connection Software, ran the Kodak Clear program again and then
    put the camera on the dock and pressed the transfer button and let XP
    install its own drivers.

    Now when I press the transfer button I get an icon for the P850 and can
    open the camera in Explorer. As an added bonus I selected properties and
    found I can have the computer automaticly tranfer the pictures to the
    directory of my choice and have the pictures deleted off the camera just
    by pressing the transfer button.

    For a large number of pictures I'll still use the card reader because of
    the speed of transfers, but for smaller numbers of pictures I can now
    just use the button.
    KennyJr, Dec 11, 2005
  6. Do you really trust the software to delete from the camera automatically
    before you check to see if the transfer has completed correctly?

    Asking for trouble, if you ask me!

    Gerrit 't Hart, Dec 11, 2005
  7. KennyJr

    KennyJr Guest

    I ussually just use the card reader. For the types of pictures I'd use
    the transfer button for I really wouldn't worry about loosing a picture.

    For the really important picture I can NOT loose I always use the card
    reader to copy to CD-R, DVD-RW, and the hard drive then verify the
    pictures before I delete them off the card.
    KennyJr, Dec 11, 2005
  8. KennyJr

    Ron Baird Guest

    Hi Kenny,

    Tell me a bit more about your system and what you have installed and
    connected to your system Ken, and I will try to help you get things in
    order. First, unplug the printer dock from the computer. Next use the
    Add/Remove option to get rid of whatever current installations of
    EasyShare might be installed. Next run the already reviewed Clear
    utility. This will remove any residual files that might remain from a
    previous installation. With your system now clear of EasyShare, we can
    move ahead with a good installation. But before we do, please reply with
    more detail about your computer and other software. You can write to me
    off line as well, if you like.

    I assure you that the software is pretty good and I am confident that
    together we can get you runing well in no time.

    Talk to you soon, Kenny,

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Dec 14, 2005
  9. KennyJr

    KennyJr Guest

    I found my own work-around that works for me. I completely un-installed
    the Camera Connection Software, removed all traces from the hard drive
    and the registry, then put the camera in the dock and pressed the
    transfer button and let XP install its own drivers and everything is
    working fine. I have it set to open an Explorer window when the transfer
    button is pressed. When I have a lot of pictures on the camera I use my
    card reader because the transfer time is much faster.
    Kodak makes great cameras and in my opinion their tech support is second
    to none. I've been completely happy with the support I've recieved from
    you, Mike, and others at Kodak, but we differ in opinion on the value of
    the EasyShare software.

    I'm happy with Photoshop Elements 4 and Adobe Camera Raw. In my own
    personal opinion it is superior to EasyShare software for editing KDC
    Once again thank you for the time you've spent answering my emails and
    the tips you have given me.
    KennyJr, Dec 15, 2005
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