KODAK DC4800 Navigation button problem

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Serial # 19781010, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I have a kodak DC4800 for almost 5 years. I take 5000 photos with it.
    With no know reason (no shock), this week when I started it, the
    navigationnal button (directionnal button with arrow on it) don't work
    any more for all direction. I don't know if the problem is hardware or
    software. The button mecanism still working very smootly like new.

    I buy a new battery from Ebay a month ago. It a 1500mah li-ion For
    Fuji NP-80 batterie. Cell from Japan Made in China. I use the camera a
    few time only since then. So I suspect that may be the battery could
    put it in this problem.

    First, just for testing purpose, I try with my old battery, an old
    memory card. It don't still don't work.

    I spray air around the button. it's don't correct the problem. I also
    spay an electronics part cleaner around the button with no success.

    I could not think about a factory default reset but I could not reset
    it because I could not navigate thru the menu to do it.

    I could not do a firmware update for the same reason I could not
    answer to confirm the firmware update from the camera menu. I try it
    but could not pass thru the menu questions with no working
    directionnal button.

    I think for a silent mode firmware update but found nothing about how
    to do this.

    The camera is in a working condition but I could not change any
    setting or view and delete photo, etc thru screen menu. I could use it
    has it but I loose options I like to use.

    Is someone had the same problem? Is someone know if it's a software or
    a hardware problem?

    Does someone know how to do a firmware update in silent mode (no
    question - no answer just update) with parameters... I can map the
    memory card with my pc with no problem. I could unchek the directories
    and files read only checkbox but is reset by the camera (files and
    readonly mode)...

    I'm not shure that I want to spend on repair.. Does anyone know how
    much it cost. I read $150 on a post done few years ago. Could you give
    me more up to date cost.

    I know there are some kodak support guys who follow theses posts. I
    will appreciate your comments about this problem.

    Louis Dinel
    Serial # 19781010, Mar 23, 2006
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  2. Thank to you, Ron, to take time to reply to my post. I will consider
    the trade in kodak program.
    Serial # 19781010, Apr 18, 2006
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