Kodak Easyshare problem with Casio QV-R4

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Mike Dodd, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Mike Dodd

    Mike Dodd Guest


    This is being written 12 hours after trying to get the above (Casio QV-R4
    digital camera) working properly with Kodak Easyshare. I tried to get this
    installed and working on my mother's laptop and failed miserably to get it
    working properly. The following is from memory (and after a good Friday
    night out) so please excuse any vagueness <g>

    Right, she's not computer literate (just starting out), so I wanted
    something simple that she can plug her new camera into her computer,
    download and print images from the camera. Sounds easy.

    Installed the Casio camera software, immediately gave up on the free Casio
    software that came with the camera - that was appalling. Installed Kodak
    Easyshare, and reckoned after a few minutes playing that this would probably
    suffice for her initial needs.

    Unfortunately, whilst the software correctly found and stored the images it
    found on her harddrive, I could not get it to talk to the camera.

    With the camera connected to the USB port, and powered-up, it adds itself
    into Windows98 as a removable drive (as expected), and opening up this drive
    reveals a DCIM directory, inside which is a directory who's name I forget
    (but ends "casio"), inside which the images can be found.

    When I select the option from the icon in the toolbar, option (forget name,
    think "Transfer") a window appears which states something like "No Kodak
    camera found", clicking options (or similar) shows a window that has "Kodak
    camera" and "Kodak card reader" both ticked. In the help file it suggests
    that the software uses the DCIM/xxxxxx directory (where xxxxxx is similar,
    but not identical to the directory named within the camera)

    Am I being thick here - does the Transfer option only support transfers from
    a Kodak camera (bit of a shame when the software is bundled with a Casio
    camera), in which case I need to teach her quickly about filesystems.

    Has anyone else managed to install, or frig the software to allow it to
    transfer from a Casio camera?

    After 3 hours of pain - any help would be much appreciated.


    Mike Dodd, Oct 25, 2003
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  2. What version?

    If you're using Version 2.1, we did not support third party cameras. With
    Version 3.2, which you can get on the web, we do support any camera that has
    a DCF formatted card ( a DCIM directory indicates that the card is DCF

    Casio has just recently switched over to shipping V3.2 with their cameras,
    so it's likely that you got an older version. Get the newer version and try
    again, it will work.
    William Jackson, Oct 27, 2003
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