Kodak Easyshare software problems

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by jersie0, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. jersie0

    jersie0 Guest

    I have the most recent Kodak Easyshare SW installed on my machine
    ( SKU 43). What I thought would be a five minute exercise
    (print two pictures) has been a one-hour and running ordeal.

    The first problem was "adding pictures to my collection" so I could
    work with them. I don't keep my pictures in the My Documents\My
    Pictures area, so I have to manually select the pictures I want. No
    problem though, as I'm using the SW primarily for printing.

    I found the first photo and added it. No problem. Found the second
    one and added it. The first photo was gone from my collection! Went
    back to add it and I couldn't. The picture had the little triangle
    symbol on it meaning it was already part of my collection, so whenever
    I highlighted it, the "Add Pictures" button would not light up. I
    quit EasyShare, restarted the computer, restarted Easyshare, same
    problem, no matter what I did. I finally searched the easyshare
    application folder for files whose dates were today's, found two such
    files (evidently some kind of configuration data), deleted them, and
    this time it worked okay. But the experience left a bad taste in my
    mouth. Any idea what happened?

    Okay, so I then was able to find the two pictures I wanted, add them
    to a collection, and I actually made an album for them. Great.

    I went to the Print tab, and figured I'd turn on the "One Touch to
    Better Pictures" feature. Got a message saying it wasn't installed
    and to reinstall easyshare. So I reinstalled Easyshare. Went to turn
    on the OTTBP feature, still same problem. Clicked the Update button
    and was connected to the Kodak web site. Answered simple questions
    about my printer (HP 920c) and OS (Windows 98) and downloaded the

    Small problem: the Kodak site said that I'd be downloading an exe
    file. But what came to me was a file called OneTouch.exe.pl.
    Naturally, my OS didn't know what to do with a .pl file. I renamed
    the file, chopping off the .pl, and the icon changed and it was
    runnable. But either I destroyed the intent of the program (if, in
    fact, .pl was the intended file extension), or Kodak was sloppy by
    sending me a file that had to be renamed to work properly.

    Ran the installer. Worked easily enough. Didn't require me to
    restart my machine.

    Back to Print tab, Options, turn on OTTBP. SunnofaB... Same problem.

    Okay, restart my machine. Maybe there are some drivers that need to
    update on restart. Machine restarts, no visible driver updates.
    Start Easyshare, print, options, OTTBP... $#!+ - same $&%*@ thing!

    While I'm at it another gripe. I was editing a photo in easyshare,
    clicked the "close" button in the edit window, and replied that yes,
    I'd like to save my changes. Boy was I mad when I discovered that my
    changes had overwritten the ORIGINAL file! It never even asked me if
    I knew I was doing this. Fortunately, I used Norton Utilities to
    restore the original file. But I'd read a message in this newsgroup
    saying that editing changes were made to a COPY of the file, not
    overwriting the original with no warning. That's sloppy.

    Okay, out of all of this comes four questions, from my most important
    to least important:

    1. How do I actually get my easyshare SW to recognize OTTBP?

    2. Why am I not warned that saving a picture I'm editing overwrites
    the original file? I realize that if I click SAVE (vs. SAVE AS), I
    should expect the overwrite, but as a new user, I find it unintuitive
    that clicking CLOSE and being asked if I want my changes saved will
    result in an overwirte.

    3. Why was a picture marked as being in my collection not in my
    collection, and the only fix I could do was to delete the
    configuration files?

    4. Should the OTTBP installer have had a .exe extension instead of a
    ..exe.pl extension?

    Enough other people had good recommendations of the Easyshare software
    for printing that I'm hoping my bad experiences are an exception and
    not a rule.
    jersie0, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. jersie0

    jersie0 Guest

    I wanted to add that after posting (see start of thread), I wound up
    uninstalling ALL Kodak software from my computer, then reinstalling

    I still cannot get Easyshare to recognize One Touch to Better
    Pictures. No prints yet. Would like to "optimize" them using this
    highly touted One Touch to Better Pictures feature first.

    Having now invested three hours to (not yet be able to) print two
    simple pictures, I am pretty irritated with Kodak.

    What am I doing wrong?
    jersie0, Oct 17, 2003
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  3. jersie0

    Ron Baird Guest

    Greetings Jersie,

    Sorry that you are having a hard time.

    Lets review some of the information we need to get an answer to your issue.
    What kind of file is it that you are importing to EasyShare. Is it an JPG
    file, was it created by a camera, scanner, or other? Also, what printer are
    you using? Is the printer connected directly. Are you using Kodak paper.
    If so, what kind of paper have you chosen from the menu.

    To add a picture to your collection you need only direct the program to the
    directory where that image is located and highlight it. The image will then
    be used by EasyShare in the future, providing it meets file requirements.
    EasyShare works with almost any image and digital video file format such as
    TIF, JPG, BMP, AVI, and MOV files. Is the file you were seeking one of

    Let me know and we can review then move ahead with more on how to resolve
    your issue.

    Talk to you soon, Jersie.

    Ron Baird
    Ron Baird, Oct 17, 2003
  4. jersie0

    jersie0 Guest

    Thanks Ron. I love the work you and others do in rec.photo.digital
    answering consumer questions. Makes Kodak look great in the eyes of
    the world, and living in the Rochester suburbs, that's important to

    Anyway, the files are all .jpg files created by my Olympus camera.
    They're all maybe 500-600 k in size, pixel dimension 1948x1488 (or

    My printer is an HP920C. I indicated that when I went to the Kodak
    "One Touch to Better Pictures" site (that, and that my OS was Win98).
    So I assume that the file I downloaded is some kind of driver,
    customized to my printer.

    The photo paper is "HP premium photo paper, glossy" according to the
    box it's in.

    The printer is connected to my computer via a USB hub. The Easyshare
    software recognizes that it's an HP printer.

    I printed my pictures today and they came out fine. But I'm still
    puzzled why I can't get OTTBP to work with the Easyshare software.

    I'd like to see what OTTBP can do. Or if I can't get it to work, how
    do I uninstall it? I can't uninstall it from the control panel.

    jersie0, Oct 18, 2003
  5. jersie0

    jersie0 Guest

    Is it possible that the OTTBP just doesn't work with the 920c printer?

    has a thread on dpreview.com forums that Ron responded to back in

    Someone else had my experience - the 920c wouldn't work with OTTBP,
    seemingly no matter what he tried.

    I just went to the HP site, but their driver Version 4.3, dated
    12-11-03, is the same one I've been using.

    I'm going to keep searching dpreview this afternoon and may find my
    answer, but Ron, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on this anyway.

    jersie0, Oct 19, 2003
  6. a host of issues, I'll try to address some of them

    This is the most recent version

    Every time you add pictures, those are put into the category of "last
    acquired" and all of the rest of hte pictures are stored elsewhere. This is
    to make it easy for people who add a bunch of pictures at a time and want to
    do something immediately (like transferring them from a camera when it's

    To view all of your pictures, select "View by Entire Collection" or "View by
    Date" and select the date acquired to get all of the pictures added to the
    collection on a single day.

    Remember each view is a cut across a database of pictures, so last acquired
    is truly the last pictures added into the collection. Dates (acquired,
    modified, taken), keywords, albums, etc are all ways to change the view and
    find stuff that you're looking for. It can be very powerful but if you're
    thinking a file system model it'll take a little getting used to.

    BTW, we're working on ways to make this a little less confusing for
    first-time users.

    One of the challenges with OTTBP is that it requires an exact match between
    the printer profile that we ship, the OS version and the printer driver
    version. If you don'thave that, it won't turn on. The messaging about why
    it doesn'twork could be better... another thing on the list.

    Also, OTTBP is not turned on unless you're using Kodak papers. The profiles
    are used to match the chemistry for the paper to the inks and drivers to get
    the best results and we have not profiled other papers. So, if you don't
    have Kodak paper selected, OTTBP won't turn on.

    No it didn't. What it did was squirrel away the original saved as a
    "digital negative" and only showed you the edited version in the collection.
    There is a "restore original" function in the edit menu to bring back the

    if you want a copy, use save as instead of save, that'll put two in the
    William Jackson, Oct 20, 2003
  7. jersie0

    Nick Hopton Guest

    In a recent message <>,


    That's a bit strong, I think. After all, Kodak have given us this
    excellent software for nothing. When I print from EasyShare I select
    'Other' as the paper and then set up the paper type and print quality
    from the HP printer menu (which you get by pressing the 'Print quality'
    button. So what's the problem?

    If Kodak had wanted to be grudging about it, they could have left out
    the 'Other' option all together. I don't have a Kodak camera or use
    Kodak paper, but I'm very obliged to Kodak for making this software
    available to me, gratis.

    Nick Hopton, Oct 20, 2003
  8. It's a considerable amount of work and time to do the characterization of
    our papers, which is paid for and supported by the folks who make and sell
    paper for a living. Where would I get the money to do the work and how
    would I get some kind of a return on that investment?
    William Jackson, Oct 20, 2003
  9. jersie0

    Ron Baird Guest

    Hi Jersie,

    Glad I can help, Jersie, let me know if you ever have questions about Kodak
    or any photo issue.

    I think one of the reasons that the results may be differing is due to your
    use of the HP paper with the Kodak One Touch feature. That option is really
    in place to maximize your results if you use Kodak Premium or Ultima Papers.
    The printing with HP should be done with your usual printer driver.
    Actually, you can check on results by making a print of the same image on HP
    and then one with Ultima and One Touch.

    The One Touch For Better Pictures uses the driver for your printer and makes
    adjustments to it, if you select Kodak Paper From the EasyShare Print At
    Home feature of our software. If you do not select a Kodak Paper, then it
    uses the normal driver settings.

    I would make sure you have the latest Printer Driver from HP, then go to the
    One Touch site and download the latest for your driver. Once in place, try
    printing on some Kodak Paper with the EasyShare Software and One Touch.

    Let me know how you make out.

    Talk to you soon,

    Ron Baird
    Ron Baird, Oct 22, 2003
  10. jersie0

    Ron Baird Guest

    Hi Art,

    Kodak tests and creates the OTTBP based very specific testing of Kodak paper
    and current OEM printer drivers. Since we can effectively only test our own
    papers, the printing of other papers is left up to the printer driver for
    the printer you chose. We make no adjustments to it if you are not using
    Kodak paper.

    Talk to you soon, Art,

    Ron Baird
    Ron Baird, Oct 22, 2003
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