Kodak easyshare software?

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by FreakyDeaky99, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. I loaded the Kodak easyshare software onto my Compaq.The software works
    fine except when I go into "my pictures" section of computer, which is
    seperate from the kodak part, the way you view the pictures has changed.
    The kodak software has attached itself to "the my pictures" part. It
    crops all your pictures a certain way.

    I closed out the software and somehow once got it to go back to the
    previous setting but couldnt get it to do it again. How can I get that
    section of my computer back short of deleting the easy share load?
    FreakyDeaky99, Dec 12, 2003
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  2. FreakyDeaky99

    trucker101 Guest

    I don't know for sure this will work for what you describe or not, but
    what I do when I want a specific program to open my pix is to

    #2 "(right clicking) or opposite mouse button than you usually use to
    select your pic" then...
    #3 click "OPEN WITH" then
    #4 scroll thru the programs there & pick the one you want to use. At
    the bottom of that box there is a little box you can put a tick mark
    in,or not depending on what you want to do. If you set it to always
    open with that program then any time you click "ON A PIC" that's the
    program that will open it. But if you start another program to see &
    edit your pics,they will still open with that program.

    The Kodak program probably set it self up as the "DEFAULT" program.
    BTY you can do all of the above to open most files with different
    programs that are made for them.
    my web page
    trucker101, Dec 13, 2003
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  3. FreakyDeaky99

    Ron Baird Guest

    Hi Freaky,

    Sounds like you allowed the EasyShare program to become the default program
    for your JPG files and others. This is an option during the installation.
    If choose top make EasyShare the default to review JPG files on your system
    or in an email, for example, it will open EasyShare to display any image
    file type included in the list, i.e. TIFF, BMP, etc..

    If you want to change the program that is designated to open a file type
    (image file in this case) by your operating system, you need to associate
    the file type with the program you want to use. In the future, any file you
    want to open of this kind will use the program you have chosen. For
    example, if you want all JPG files to be opened by the Kodak Picture
    Software, even when reviewing on the web, this is the program that will open
    and be used by your operating system.

    For most Windows programs, you can change which program starts when you open
    a file by:
    Clicking on My Computer or opening Windows Explorer
    Choose the Folder Option from the View menu.
    Click the File Types tab
    In the list of file types, click the one you want to change, i.e. JPG
    Click Edit.
    In the Actions, click Open.
    Click Edit.
    In Application Used to Perform Action, enter the program you want to use to
    open files that have this extension, or browse your hard drive to find it,
    then click OK.

    Note: The settings for selected file types are shown in File Type Details.

    Talk to you soon, Freaky, let me know if you have questions.

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Dec 16, 2003
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